CBN creating



Carbonic acid washes ?
Can You explain why Carbonic acid ?
How would You do the washes ?
Where would You obtain the acid ?
What is your understanding from Carbonic acids correlation to CBN ?


I think that’s often a result from throwing dry ice directly into ethanol for chilling


Yes i think thats what hè means
But hè somehow correlates that to creating CBN and that i wonder how and why that assumption :grinning:


Is iT a fact that dry ice direct in solvent/biomass creates isomerization/degradation of cannabinoids ?


What did it do polymerize?


I was referring to weak carbon-containing acids such as citric, acetic, and oxalic acid. Carbonic acid as a by-product of dry ice would probably work also, but its gonna take a shit ton of dry ice.


Do you think a cannabinoid polymer would show as an unknown? Hadnt Thought of that.

When you look at CBN vs CBC, one looks isomerized and the other looks like its been torn apart. I was assuming too long of a reflux had degraded the cannabinoids.


Olefins, especially styrenes, are known to polymerize given enough heat energy. A polymerized cannabinoid would be more apparent on mass spec and NMR. MS would show a significant increase in mass and NMR would show the disappearance of the alkene signals and the integrations for protons would change as well.

As for CBD to CBC I don’t think that heat would degrade it to the point where you would lose 5 carbons. Who knows…radical propagation could cause anything to happen. Do you have any of that unknown? It would cool to separate, isolate, and see what you actually got via NMR and MS.


I have :grinning:
Last batch (small) Several things got lost
Pretty detailed sop on iT to
Send Some over Any time


Not sure, only speculative.:nerd_face:




How is the color coming out after processing it the way you detailed in another thread? About the same as before the iodine refluxing?


Comes out about the same after everything is removed. The Brown water during iodine removal is gross AF. @coppertop