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Talent of that caliber goes without saying in any lab I would step foot in - there isnt enough floor space in our lab for unqualified persons. Im no lawyer, but I dont see why a degree alone would make obtaining DEA list I chemicals for cannabis science any easier. A DEA license might help, or federal legalization. My point in saying this is not “hey prove me wrong, prove you can find a way to obtain Iodine.” I’m sure it can be done - some quantity can be obtained by someone somewhere. But having a production pipeline that depends on it? Seems unnecessary. Rather, my point is that if a particular reagent is problematic (whether its expensive, federally listed, dangerous/highly reactive, leaches, high toxicity, difficult to remove/workup, etc etc etc) then that is reason enough to begin to consider other synthetic routes. For instance, you can extract cannabinoids with DCM or Xylenes, but people choose less toxic/more convenient solvents. In this case, if the oxidation can be performed with something more ubiquitous then Iodine, then I’m not going to use the more difficult to handle/obtain reagent. Not to mention the reaction releases HI. . .


There are a multitude of chemicals I can obtain which you cant because I am qualified with a degree and pursuing a more advanced degree. Whether you agree with this or not I can obtain more chemicals that you cannot. So I am suggesting this may make a difference.


Graduate from college get a free pass for controlled substances?


Not quite but yes there are chemicals I can obtain which you cannot. This is my understanding what I have been told by the ACS, please let me know if you find conflicting information.

Also you must graduate with a chemistry degree (not underwater basket weaving or african dance gender studies) from a school that is ACS accredited or being in an advanced degree program that is recognized by the ACS in chemical sciences.


really thats it…geez so i could essentially pursue another graduate degree this time in Organic Chemistry and i can get anything i want. Been wanting to put organic chemistry on my resume. There has to be more than this. LMAO


Cannot get anything you want, but you can obtain more chemicals than others… yes you should pursue a graduate degree in organic chemistry.


Can’t wait for the shitshow to start in TX once they legalize with their ridiculous glassware laws. Everyone there will need a chemist to sign off for equipment as simple as a boiling flask.


Wondering if potassium nitrate would work as an oxidizing agent? Or maybe chlorine instead of iodine?


Potassium nitrate will just deprotonate not do what you want. You prolly dont want to fuck with cl2 gas pal… iodine is much safer and easier.

Do you have a rational for why you would rather use cl2?


Not having to deal with procuring list 1 chemicals would be the primary reason. I’m really just spitballing for other ways to speed up the oxidation of THC to CBN. Obviously an oxidizing agent like iodine works. I’m just curious as to what others may also work.

Come to think of it though, I do have a friend I could probably run this problem by. Getting around silly government restrictions on regulated chemicals by either finding another synthesis route or making his own used to be how he maintained his freedom back in his cowboy days, so this is probably right up his alley. I’ll report back if he has any useful input.


Off the top of my head, potassium permanganate may be a suitable substitute for iodine.


PP is usually put into an aqueous solution I think isn’t it? I’m wondering what chemical reaction that would have with the distillate/crude (other than oxidation) and if some further wash would be required as a result.


These are the results from my experiment with readily available chemicals. I didn’t expect much but wanted a baseline to see how effective the reaction was.

This was a simple reflux reaction using 190 proof ethyl alcohol and a water iodine solution. The mantle was heated to 110c and held for 10 minutes before allowing to cool slowly over 8 hours. The recovered ethyl was purple and the oil had a very strong aroma of chloride. The reacted oil was washed with 3% hydrogen peroxide.

The results were interesting, but not the target compound.


Here’s the result from toluene/iodine when your operator refluxes 3-4x too long…

Started at high-60s/low-70s CBD distillate.

If you look at the structure difference between CBN and CBC it kind of makes sense. I hate unknowns though.


If either of you are in the Denver area, I can provide some guidance on accessing CBN. I have some free time while waiting to defend my thesis.


Carbon Chemistry is based in Denver but I live in COS. Generating CBN is a pet project I would like to get help with. @wc15


I am on the western slope buy travel to Denver regularly. I am will to provide starting material (CBS oil) and the iodine.


pm me so we can discuss in depth.


@Shadownaught I highly recommend you get in touch with @wc15


We just started talking! Smart individual for sure.