CBleach Scrub


Why does magsil turn pink? Or why does material that’s been through magsil turn pink…


Did you pressure push your column? Exact same packing? Same exact material? From what i know about flash chroma on cannabis its ultra important to pressurize a column to get a good clean separation result… but again. I pro ably shoudnt be in this convo unless itd about distilling


I’ve actually heard, and found, the opposite to be true. The best separation comes from gravity and head pressure.


But exact same packing, different material every time


What do you mean by head pressure


Material differences maybe… concentration levels


Volume of solution in the column, specifically volume of solution above the media level.


In my experience,

Gravity column = slow with good fraction separation
Manual flash column = fast with bad fraction separation
Auto flash column = fast with good separation



Auto Flash


The gravity vs flash linda reminds me of a standard head vs what an alembic wants to do lol.


Heres a test… take some material that no ones worried about destroying… make it pink or purple… then bump trap it and see what happens… #bumptrapforlyfe


It’s fine to use pressure in flash cromatography. As long as you don’t see the bands start to get distorted that are eluiting . Anytime you see column that has zigzag bands you know the operator blew it. Mixed bands are caused by a few factors. The bed must be properly packed.turbulance at the top from addition of solvent Or dry ice can cause bands to mix.lastly the column must be dead level.


Is it possible that the bump trap is adding theoretical plates to your still? If you can separate the pink pigment with distillation that is a tell tale sign that your apperatus isn’t separating compounds in clean fractions.


I haven’t been doing this very long, but I feel like I’ve gotten relatively good at my wet loading


Auto flash Colum? I’m a complete idiot. Can you tell me what this is or show pics of what equipment is used when doing auto flash Colum


Puriflash 420


Have you played around with dcvc? I’ve been messing around with it small scale. The scale up seems to be viable, I don’t think people will run flash columns in a few years.just too much solvent and silica involved. The only real advantage to flash is can separate small amounts better than dcvc.


It does add plates.


By that logic wouldent a fractional column which is purpose built for this be a better choice? Have you ever played with adding a reflux condenser?


In ways yes… but the column would have to be very tall… 600mm or so… (done it with a vigreux column) and thats slow because the column floods… i havent built a 45/50 vigreux yet… but im sure itll
Come eventually. As for the reflux condenser. I recently acquired one :wink:


600mm in a 24/40 sized joint is way too long to work. A column like that would be subject to flooding and flow rate/product degredation would be horrible issues. The length and diameter of a column is very important. What on earth drove you to the conclusion that 600mm was nessaserry?