Cbga crumble & cbga isolate forsale

We have 600 kilos of cbga crumble in inventory, $400 per kilo

30 kilos of cbga isolate in inventory, 2000 per kilo

Will upload photos later today. Dm for more info & bulk pricing

22JA0262.02 - Deschutes Labs - CBG-A 2 (2).pdf (209.2 KB)
22JA0102.01 - Deschutes Labs - CBGA Crude Oil CMBL.pdf (214.5 KB)


Pic of crumble

732 266 9602, please text me and I’ll send pics.

I am looking to purchase CBGA, can you DM me for more info? Interested in wholesale trade

Get the crumble to think it might be useful


Hi please send me a DM or more information.
Are products in Europe?