CBGA crumble $1250/kg

A farm I work with is trying to liquidate the remainder of their 2019 hemp. I can send COAS, pictures, and prices for everything upon request.Located in Willamette Valley area ,Oregon.
Special Sauce
Suver Haze
Hawaiian Haze
CBG “White”
Inventory is as follows:
150,000 lbs Mechanically Harvested and Mechanically Dried CBD Biomass (Homogenized Cannabinoid % Avg. is 7-8%)
15,000 lbs Bucked and Mechanically Dried CBD Biomass (Homogenized Cannabinoid % is 8-11%)
7,000 lbs Bucked and Mechanically Dried CBG Biomass (Homogenized Cannabinoid % is 8%)
175,000 lbs Wet Baled CBD Biomass (50% Moisture) (Homogenized Cannabinoid % 7-8%)
Approx. 3,000 lbs of cured CBD Bucked and Tumbled flower
Approx. 1,500 lbs of cured CBD Bucked flower
Approx. 1,000 lbs of cured CBD flower On-Cola
Approx. 1,500 lbs of cured CBG flower On-Cola

CBG Extract Inventory:

  • CBG Distillate - Approx. 60 kg
  • CBG ISO - Approx. 20 kg
  • CBGA Crumble - Approx. 60 kg

CBD Extract Inventory:

  • CBD Crude - Approx. 300 kg
  • CBD Distillate - Approx. 100 kg
  • CBD ISO - Unk. Inventory, but readily available

Any idea what they want for 1000 P of this? Hit my DM it you can brotha


Interested in an inventory list and pricing. Contact Chase. chase@ shopkrush. co

Sure thing. Inventory is as above but I will send email as well. We have pending sales on the 150k lot of biomass and the CBG biomass but the rest is available.

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BUMP - Dropping prices further. The large biomass lots are stilll available but have lots of interest with potential buyers.

All Flower will need to be trimmed and expect a 30% loss on weight

RE: “CBG Flower On-Cola” - $100/lb for “On-Center-Cola” w/ 5 lb minimum

RE: “CBD Bucked/Tumbled Flower” - $85/lb w/ 5 lb minimum order

RE: “CBD Bucked not Tumbled Flower” - $70/lb w/ 5 lb min. order

RE: “CBD Flower On-Cola” - $60/lb w/ 5 lb min. order

CBD and CBG Biomass:

RE: “Hemp Direct or Any CBD Biomass Buyer” - $1.00/lb for the first truckload (Approx. 15,000 lbs/truckload)

RE: “CBG Bucked Biomass Buyer” - $20/lb or $18/lb for the entire lot (Approx. 7,000 lbs)

RE: “CBD Wet Bales” - $0.20/wet lb

CBD and CBG Extracts:

CBG Distillate - $2000/kg

CBG ISO - $2850/kg

CBGA ISO - $3500/kg

CBGA Crumble - $2850/kg

CBD Distillate - $700/kg

CBD Crude - $300/kg

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Bump. I’ve got pictures and COAs for everything.

$1 lb for truck load that’s worth a bump

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We have a pending buyer for the whole lot at $1.50 but they’re dragging their feet and this is the price list I got from the farmer last night.

Bump. If price is an issue make an offer and I’ll run it back to the farmer.

New stuff coming down too, all the sour stuff, sour lifter, super sour space candy, sour etc, CBG white and CBG stem sell. Will have terps of all the sour stuff in a month.

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How’s the nose on the sour stuff @PharmExOregon?

A little different than the other varieties. There’s a couple different phenotypes out there some you can really smell the betacaryophyleene and others you can really smell the myrcene. Plenty of terps/nose though, except the CBG lol that doesn’t smell like anything

Hey @Mosaic_Co-Labs , it says you edited my title but I don’t see any changes, did you just move to a different category? I’d DM you but you’re set to private.

No worries. Thanks for asking. Yes I moved your post to the “Hemp Outlet” category


Bump. Who’s watching UFC?

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Hi there, what’s your MOQ for the CBG distillate?

1kilo moq for kilo price. But if you want any smaller amount I’ll make it happen at a good price point.

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CBG-Distillate-Full Panel-Copy.pdf (453.1 KB) Green Leaf-FInal-GLLCOA_G0A0354-01-GUNF-2019-001.pdf (277.5 KB) Green Leaf-FInal-GLLCOA_G0A0354-01-GUNF-2019-001.pdf (277.5 KB)

images (10)


bump hippo


I got my sample in the mail yesterday! This is some good stuff, it’s CBGA, CBG, and little extra bottle of Suver Haze terps. The terps are amazing! Very earthy, and what I can imagine sticking my nose in the flower would smell like… I don’t know how to quantify the CBG. I’ve thrown it in the banger with a chunk of bho. I don’t know that it affects my high by modulating like cbd does, but there is certainly some effect. Tomorrow in the morning before imbibing in any THC I’ll give the CBG a shot by itself.

It was very generous of you to offer this sample to me. I sincerely appreciate, and I endorse your products. Well, the products I have tried anyway. Great work, and thank you again for your generosity!!