Some one asked me on IG about going to CBG to CBC. Does anyone want to do some R&D on this? I’ll provide processes.


@Future help us get some CBG crude. I’ll pay for it.


I’m down to get the equipment and do the work if you have a roadmap

I have 18 % cbg crude that good enough ?

Can this be a thing?

It makes sense to start planning for the next big thing instead of trying to oversaturate the CBG market next year.


@wc15 I am one of your biggest fan s
And all cannabinoids have my curiosity
So hell yes shoot
I ll look into the CBC use but knowing how can t harm anyone

I’m looking at it this way, CBD is out but still useful, CBG is new (for how long), CBN is here (for how long), what about CBC, CBL, CBE, and CBT?


Man with the times here I think that
We the producers should also try to figure out where what cannabinoid has benefits
Having them available can only help that situation
I have good contacts with our national
Pro cannabis club called zufer nuver
They have 12000 paying contributors and 150000 Active patients
As soon as I have a formulation I hope works for anything I hand them a bunch of samples to give to those with those ailments and to testers
Cbn has yust left the building for orgasm research :grin:
Wich is even more fun knowing that the average age of patients of zuver nuver is around 60😂


What about delta 10? Delta 6a10a? Delta 7?

Delta 10 and 6a10a should be obtainable from cbd

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I’m not really interested in THC isomers.


@wc15 staying ahead of the curve is a must. any of those compounds will take off; coupled with people knowing WHAT they actually do to there body though… im more interested in all the “varins”

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I just said they’re isomers of cbd

If delta 8 is then delta 10 and 6a10a would be too

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I hear someone’s open sourcing a cbd v cut soon, I’m going to use it to make delta 8 thc v :wink:


I didn’t see that last part.

They can be made but you need to protect the alcohols before doing anything to prevent THC formation.

Or you could just crystallize them to purify them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No. Acidic and basic conditions on CBD either form THC or CBD quinone. You need to protect the alcohols before doing anything else as they are reactive towards acid/base chemistry.

Who said anything about an acid base reaction?

Youd do it on delta 8 anyways so there wouldnt be a need to protect it

Cbd>delta8/delta9>delta 10>delta6a10a

Problem solved

We are obviously talking about different things. I am talking about d8 CBD.

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I am too

Theres no reason you cant make d10 from cbd when you can make d9 from it

It would be much easier from thc but if you want federally legal d10 it is possible

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I am talking about this process. Nothing THC related