CBG seed group buy

Hello, I am gathering a few like minded individuals to obtain CBG seeds. I have been on the hunt for CBG seeds for months. I even have an oregoncbd order in but i dont want to wait until april 1st delivery. So I am pooling together to buy 5,000 seeds from cbdinc at $5/each. The seeds are grown and tested in Colorado and are available now. They average 13-19% CBG.

Their minimum order quantity is 5,000 seeds but I’m breaking that into 1,000 seeds so we can afford the minimum. I already have 3 people committed and only need 2 more people that want 1,000 seeds at $5/each. We can both then sign a contract agreement. I hope to have the money wired to me this week. I will then drive to denver and purchase seeds in person, you can even meet me and come with if you would like and immediately next day overnight them to the other parties. I own a hemp company in western colorado and have references.


When you need a group buy for a group buy…


Yeah it’s going to save me 2k

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Why are they $5 a pop? The seeds from ORCBD is advertising 20% CBG at $2 a pop. I understand waiting till April blows. But honestly. $5k for 1000 seeds is a bit much. I’m guessing… they are also dont have an MTA, and are offering breeding rights?

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I don’t know why they are $5. But they are a reputable company and breeder and I am willing to pay a little extra versus getting them from some random person that could literally be selling any seed at all. I already have 5k of the oregon seeds ordered but I want to start flowering april first. So an extra 5k for me to buy 2,000 seeds and be able to start right now is a small investment. If I was buying 10,000+ seeds I can see how this would be a horrible idea.

I should of said, I need to put together a group buy for this group buy. Are they feminized ?

If they don’t have a MTA $5 seed paid for in 1 clone.


Ya I’m looking at 5k from ORCBD. I might be down for this one. The only thing concerning me is the long term game with hemp genetics being protected by the USDA, and the trademark war that could be brewing in the hemp world. I’m down for 100 that I could grow and select my tissue culture from.

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Similar situation. 3k of each CBG strain from OregonCBD with a Farm I help with. But it would be nice to see some variety as long as its legitimate and earlier access.

Honestly, if CBG market evolves hows CBD this year, the sooner you can have end product the better obviously. $5 premium to get ahead of the market saturation maybe worth it? I don’t know how scarce the CBG will be next year, but its not seeming to be as elusive as it once was. Also the proposed new regulation seems to be driving the CBG market hard.


100% if you can get some legit CBG now, and grow some light dep, you will be better than the flood of CBG that’s going to be harvested next fall.

We aren’t even growing CBG next year


Agreed. With a lot of new hemp farmers unable to sell thier CBD. I know a lot are looking to get into CBG for next year. So when the volume starts coming in. The prices are gunna tank pretty hard. It would be nice to start early though. My light dep isnt going to be operational before the spring planting anyway though.

As with any type of fad in this industry. There are also going to be a lot of jokers out there selling a bunch of bad seed. They are always there. Shafting someone else due to thier own greed or failures.

I try and avoid thinking about how many new 2020 farmers are going to be buying bogus USDA approved seeds.


If I was solely invested in hemp, this would have me very concerned.


Minor Cannabinoids or no Hemp at all?

The big farm I advise for, minors.

Me personally, a seed hemp crop on the permaculture farm to feed to pigs


Next year everyones just gonna grow thc in their hemp fields. :laughing:


Nice…also look at Oregon cbd seed…they’re selling CBG hemp seed for $2 per seed…it’s certified as well!

I always thought a few acres of seed for hemp seed oil biodiesel would be pretty cool. Especially used back on the farms to run large generators for the greenhouses.


I would find a market for the CBG biomass before I spent much money growing it. There’s plenty of biomass, distillate, and isolate sitting and no buyers for it.


That seems to be widespread across the Hemp industry as a whole (products sitting with no buyers). On that note. Most people that I’ve seen that are buying, is looking at the current market. Futures contracts now are a hard thing to come by, because it seems to be every where!

I am interested in the group buy if you still need another buyer. Is there a way I can reach you on the phone? I would also like to find out more about your hemp business in west CO.

Thank you,