CBG Seed Discussions and Photo Timelines

Hello so this is a repertoire of photos showing the timeline of our vigorous CBG Genetics
-3 days In they sprouted


Can you share more? Selling? if so how much? MOQ? Reg or Fem? F1 or ?
Thank you.
Feel free to DM

have you had them sequenced to prove they are cbg?

Yes these are sequenced they have Lab analytical ratings.and results.

Anyone else here grow them previously?


Solstice Progress Report:
Growing them now Tried, Tested, and True
Proper Southern Oregon representation through and through.
Happy Holidays
Day 1 Week 3
–Ill mail you some seeds if you want to test some. I even Have flower and Distillate from the same genetic lineage @Future I should probably get verified with you so more people have access to proper CBG Seeds and Genetics.
Big Blessings Happy Solstice


Here’s a little update:
—Week 3 day 2
This picture shows the size of our CBG seedlings and our size is referenced next to a pair of scissors.
Our CBG is of the original South African Varietal. Phenomenal to see phenotypes that have been selectively bred with a passion.
Keep growing.Keep Glowing


The two varieties of CBD hemp from Oregon that I grew last summer finished way too early and had very low yields. When does your CBG strain finish outdoors in Oregon?

With these genetics Mid may to early June planting works in So. Oreigon where I am located on the Rogue River. This means in So. Oregon your pulling harvest in September-Early October the latest. But knowing your local light cycles usually determines your planting timelines.
Do research, try experiments, log them with controls and variables and share your results on here so we can refine these processes and bring awareness to the community.
Thank you

@Seed-Guru I would LOVE to come check out your setup and talk cbg and breeding. I’ve got property near Evans Creek. Shoot me a DM if you want to link up.

I’ll happily buy stock to do a few acres of your gear and I’m sure a second opinion wouldn’t hurt your credibility here. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

What strains do you recommend, I’m in the roseburg area. Preparing seed selection soon.also need some verified cbg.

*!Merry Christmas!
–Happy Hollidaze–
Week: 3 Day: 4
I kept the Led Lights on for you Santa!
I awoke to a Joyful CBG seedling canopy
of Health, Wealth, and Prosperity. Sometimes Presence can be one of the best Presents. These were my little Christmas trees and I’m ultra grateful to have been blessed with such wonderful genetics. Scripture says the Original Holy Annointing Oil Recipe that Jesus used: 9lbs of Cannabis Sativa,Frankincense, and Myrrh Cannabis is known to cure glaucoma a form of blindness.
In Norway and Switzerland Snow would fall to the point in which Villagers homes and cabins would be absolutely buried in snow so they Had to have little doorways near the chimney in order to leave their homes in these snowstorms. There would be a villager designated to ensure everyone had food whilst buried in these snowdrifts hence the legend of Santa bringing gifts up on the rooftop with old Saint Nick… Anyway these frosty little CBG sensi-trees lit my Christmas up and I hope they do for you too. Striving to get to the Roots and Origins of all information Knowledge and Wisdom on Planet Earth!
May all who read this be Blessed with all they want need and desire in Life.
Making Dreams a reality since way back.
Prayers go up and Blessings come down.
—Merry Christmas—


Week: 4 Day: 1
CBG Seedlings done properly!
DM me if you need soil consultations, or have any questions about CBG I’m here to help!
Big Blessings into the shift of the 2020 vision!
Hope you brought your sunglasses! The Futures looking so bright!
May all you want need and desire be fulfilled in the new year ahead!


Just got a batch of these from @Seed-Guru and will be rushing a tray of them to flower for HPLC testing over the coming weeks.

Great transaction. Thanks for making it happen man!, we will definitely be doing business again.

Cheers to a successful 2020 season!


Would you be willing to send one to @seth for them to test?

@Rockymtn24 I could send a couple over, i just got some myself

I’ll be stoked to have him test our lineages.
Show me better

I would be honored to see someone else’s timelines 30 days in after sprouting their CBG seeds.
Keep growing keep glowing!


I’m very curious about the leaf structure on these plants, I could probably walk by one in the woods and not realize what it is. Do you have any photos of a full sized plant?

I believe https://hemptownusa.com/cbg-chemotype/ can answer that question

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