CBG "crumble" to isolate?!?

how can you purify and wash your CBGa crumble? i’ve got a bunch im trying to crash out and isolate. i’ve tried pentane.

heres my failed expirement. threw 1.75kg CBGa crude crumble with 1.3kg of pentane. ran a 45minute program. went from 18c to -12 in an hour. failed isolation. any tips?

i need to isolate this winterized " crumble" COA_221108012_20221110131300-4.PDF (815.5 KB)
any suggestions as to my steps on just getting the CBGa out? i’ve been told 5:1 pentane and run it like CBD distillate to isolate but i’ve been frustrated all week trying to make it happen. feel free to throw your spoons at a very grateful dude

Your going to have issues with recrystallization alone, all of those discoloring impurities are going to co-crystalize, also the CBG concentration is moderately low, you need remove more impurities before attempting to precipitate.

you need to dissolve in etoh or heptane and filter the solution through a column of AC. Heptane is more ideal because you can water wash the solution too, and remove all the water soluble impurities, this will give your TAC a massive boost and make crystallizing way easier/cleaner. You can then proceed to precipitate in the heptane aswell.

You can forsure dissolve in etoh and filter aswell, you’ll need to recover the solvent and redisolve in your cystalization solvent of choice tho!

Hope this helps; moral of the story, boost that purity before attempting to crystallize. The more impurities your remove BEFORE cystalization, the less you’ll have to deal with during crystalization. This is applicable to anything you might want crystallize.


Hmmm this seems off, when you say you “5:1” ratio how are you arriving at that?

Going by weight 1.75kg crude would require 8ish kg pentane @ 5:1 pentane:oleoresin

Pentane weighs something like 625g a L, sooooo going volumetrically 1.3kg is only like 2 L pentane to 1.75kg CBG

Seems way too low.


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this was before i did a bigger ratio. i was attempting at first to just crystalize like a normal CBD sop. Then i got wind of making it far more diluted with solvent. COA_221108011_20221111083400.PDF (817.7 KB)

did basically what you said and heptane washed with some water as well. COA just came back. tell me your thoughts my good man

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looking at your profile i see that you jump on a lot of threads just to attempt to slang your gear. just a heads up its not looked at in a good light and will negatively affect your marketing strategies. at least in this community

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I’d say that’s a massive improvement!!! Excellent work!

Still room for improvement!

A little media filtration and another round of crystallization, you’ll be at 99%


thanks dude. this community made it happen. there is literally no ( that i could find ) data or videos etc on CBGa. i relied on Future4200 to make it happen. called the client today and showed him the COA. he was fucking pumped and so am I.

take away. CBGa is one of the most funky 'noids i’ve dealt with so far. its consistency and texture is bizarre as well. its like the inside of a snickers man. weird shit. anyways, again thank you to everyone that helped by throwing those delicious spoons my way. greatly appreciated

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Haha not one to gloat but back in the day I was the first person to bring a kg of cbga to market lol, sold that first kg for like $50 a g, good times, miss those days!

Cbga is one of those cannabinoids that has tremendous potential, I was super excited to see it blow up when it was found to have an effect on COVID, and we are just beginning to scratch the surface.

Cbga will always be my favorite noid!!


yeah its one of my favorites now as well. Being that i have IBS i’m excited to try some. i’ve read promising data on its use in G.I. tract inflammation, crohns, etc.

and now that i have this trick up my sleeve it makes my role at my lab that much more important. can’t thank you guys enough for the wisdom. i’ll definitely pass this on to colleagues.

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