CBG,CBN,CBC products ready for market ?

I am looking for products based around these next to market cannabinoids. Does anyone have anything branded ready for the shelves, or have something in the works? Please let me know, thanks!

CBD global has carried cbg isolate for a while, nothing else. We are coming out with a CBN isolate here soon in CO


We carry CBG Isolate, and occasionally have other rare cannabinoids in stock. Right now I have a tiny bit of CBN. Feel free to reach out


Our company’s been working on a CBD/CBN distillate combo cartridge for a few months…should be market-ready within a couple weeks. Prototypes we’ve made have been a huge hit.



I’m interested in the CBD/CBN distillate cartridges for distribution in AR, TN, and N.C…Will you be wholesaling and white labeling them? Price? Are they expected to be 0.5ml or 1ml cartridge? What’s the expected total cannabinoid weight in you formulation? Any diluents?

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If anyone has true interest in CBD/CBN or any combination of the CBG cbn cbc products. If we can get LOIs we can provide pricing models based on your demand. Very few options for providers for this that actually give you what they claim to. On top of us having research on what the ratios should actually be

Neo-cure.com , we provide CBN, CBD, CBG , nano, liposomal and acylation of our products. We will be providing a new line up of gummies, lotions, gum, vape cartridges, energy shots and a few others. No need a LIO or anything like that, we have a website. and all you need to do is inquire. USA AND EUROPE are available.

ALL in a *Fully Integrated" GMP, ISO9001, GLP Facility. where quality, process and procedures maters.

*Fully integrated


Do we have to give you 20% of sales and we can only buy 5 products a month? :wink:

I’d be curious if that’s true that your actually ISO 9000 very very few labs actually have that level of accreditation.

What’s your capacity have a government contract we’ve been trying to secure for s minute but no one is large enough scale


Jesus, 350mg per each 1ml?!? What do you cut this shit with.

And “*Actual contents may vary by up to 50mg.” So If there is 2.9mg of CBN, but the disclaimer says the 2.9mg content may vary by up to 50mg … hmmmmmmm…


Yeah, I doubt those minor cannabinoids are in any way active at that dose anyhow. One puff would be… approximately 0.0005 mg upon inhalation, minus whatever you blew out.


You can knit pick at the packaging all you want lol. And we both know thats not that what means.

A big issue in the cbd market is mislabeling products. While our COA shows 361mg of total cannabinoids its impossible for us to say with 100% guarantee that every single cartridge is going to test out exactly the same. Instead of making unrealistic claims such as 200mg or 300mg or 361mg, we would rather be honest and say this is our baseline, actual product may vary.

Cut with a vitamin blend, and before you say “fuck cut” you should understand how cbd distillate operates and anything over 50% will start to crystallize.

I doubt you have ever smoked cbd that makes you feel the way this does. You can doubt as much as you’d like, but until you try the product, opinion sort of irrelevant.

COA attached in below post, find me another CBD cartridge with similar/more minors and I would be impressed. Send me mailing address and you can try for yourself.

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Cartridge COA.pdf (310.0 KB)

My last batch of CBD disty came back with nearly 6% CBN and 4% THC. I noticed nothing significant aside from the dull psychoactive effects of CBD. Also your “CleanAF” brand sounds like you’re marketing to children.

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Wait… You cut your carts with a vitamin blend. Are you joking? Please tell me you’re joking. Have you smelled or tasted vitamins before?!? You know the b.p. of vitamin c is 553°C right?

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PLEASE EXPLAIN how Clean As Fuck cbd is targeted towards children haha. You’re a troll

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There are a lot more vitamins than just vitamin C. Don’t know if what you stated is accurate is not, but do a quick google search. Vitamins are being used by several brands in vaping products, many companies advertise the vitamins and make specific cartridges

Thread summary:
Unverified slanger makes stink about being called out for questionable product and marketing for product that only has a rendering of package, not even real pic. Also unverified slanger has tenuous grasp on active ingredient labeling requirements


The only people who unironically say AF to describe something, in my experience, are children, or braindead brotards/wahmen who are empty inside.

I’m just saying, it’s totally a name that makes it seem like you’re trying to be hip with the gen z kiddos. I’m a fan of a solid autistic shitpost, but I assure you, I am not trolling.


Where not interested in government contracts. You see the strings and issues that come with any government affiliation? Best not to get involved as little as possible, while providing transparency and quality products and legal procedures.

We want to supply the world with quality medicine, backed by science and quality of practices.

*disclaimer is due to analytics (there is no one in the usa who can properly break open or molecules to test for out cbd content. So we out disclaimers, until we are able to integrate a analytical company that can understand /learn how to break open or complexes molecules so there is public information is hard, we are working with a few but, always inconsistent with percentages return.