Well, in an age where the chemists will just make this from that, perhaps the regulations on chain of custody may be more important than ever.


@Killa12345 do you get chain of custody on your BM hash? Looks like if you don’t, soon enough you won’t be able to tell the difference. Someone can just pour some HTE on some CBDA->THCA rocks and POOF! No one will ever know! Muahahahaha!



luckily i know where my hash comes from… All my hash is single source, extracted from the folks that grow it…

im sure them thc-a stones will have a COA that has plenty of red flag thats its a conversion…

That picture kinda reminds me of when Future came here saying they solved the D8 mystery … WIthout a COA it really dont mean anything…



But really, if this becomes a thing, ewww. I get thca is thca, but people cut corners and put out sub par products all the time, this won’t be any different.

I dunno how many times I’ve said it, but I’m glad I make my own.


recarb is the true grail


Inb4 meat made in a giant vat is just as good as cow meat.

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This just convinces me more the cbd boyz only wanna ruin the weed boyz game! Why are the CBD Boyz always trying to convert their snake oil to something its not! Im sure if some of the worlds top chemists really wanted to convert CBD in D9 THC it could be done inside 3 hours.

I dont understand the need to CONVERT and MAKE something that is perfect in nature like D9 THC. It baffles me that so many people want this. I really shows me how greedy some people are. D9 THC is a molecule god made himself and its perfect just the way it was.

Next people are gonna be trying to convince me Marinol and pure d9thc disty in a capsule are the same thing!!! :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:


Isnt yeild from cbda to thca like 20% only?


Hop on the thread on IG and ask.

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I honestly think it’s just a bunch of felons that aren’t allowed in the legal weed game, so they’re trying to stay relevant while their cash crop plummets. It’s always about money, that’s all anyone cares about anymore.

Am I correct in thinking that felons can’t play in the legal THC market in Cali? I know they can’t in MI or CO.


I can tell you theres plenty of ways around the felons cant play in the legal THC market… in any city and any state… dont think for one moment this isnt happening…

if you mean felons like scam artist and shit like that…Like people selling fake time shares and scammers like that… Yes! If your saying they are weed felons and in the CBD game… Not for a second i believe that.


You obviously have never tried to get a MED badge in CO lmao, they tried to deny mine because of a misdemeanor charge in GA from when I was 17, when it specifically states that anything prior to 18 doesn’t count, the charge was sealed and expunged anyway. Beyond that, in MI we are obligated to do a background check on every employee we hire, an extensive one at that. It goes back 15 years I think, we have to check the national database and the state database for anywhere the person has lived in the past 15 years.

I worked with 3 felons with med badges in colorado


Cool beans, what for and when? Because they were literally up my ass about a misdemeanor, lol.

Edit: Ok, so after looking it up, technically you can have a felony, but it has to be ooooooollllllldddd. Like, at least 10 years old.

how about the silent owners?? do you think there are owners of cannabis brands right now with felonies?? none??? or none in the states that say its not allowed?? employees… yeah, they might have an issue…

Perhaps there are “owners” emphasis on the quotations that have felonies, not registered owners though.

Sounds a lot like “not on paper.”

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sometimes these brands are owned by international holding companies which means identifying a single owner much harder…this is an international game already…

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Looks like some stuff has changed since I last was looking into this.

"This made us wonder: What happens when you’re looking to enter the legal cannabis industry and your partner (romantic or otherwise) is a convicted felon?

Leafly reached out to Seattle cannabis attorney Aaron Pelley, who works with Northwest Marijuana Law, to get a legal perspective on the question.

“To be quite honest,” Pelley responded, “I’m confused as to why they’re separating because it’s been longer than 10 years since her conviction.”

Pelley further explained, “The rule is 10 years. When you’re applying [to enter the cannabis industry], you have to report any past convictions. A felony conviction is worth 12 points, a misdemeanor is worth three points, and anything over eight points gets you automatically disqualified.”

Marijuana Prohibition Began With These Arrests in 1937

A conviction, felony or misdemeanor, is not necessarily an automatic disqualification. “I have clients with multiple felonies and misdemeanors who have licenses, but [their crimes] happened in the 70s and 80s,” Pelley said.

For those with past drug convictions, this is particularly relevant. As more states legalize cannabis, past cannabis convictions can come back to haunt someone looking to get licensed. Recently, Marley Natural joined forces with the Minority Cannabis Business Association for the Rise Up campaign, which helps those with past cannabis convictions get their records expunged in Washington state. (Both Marley Natural and Leafly are owned by Privateer Holdings.)"

im not outting anyone here, but we have a member here that owns a pretty significant legal cannabis business with several legal licenses… and self admitted been on the chain gang…

there are plenty of ways around this. even if recent.


No wonder we have mfs making GHB and meth in hemp labs :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: