Cbda sugar wax dabs extract concentrate

Carolina peach sugar wax made with top flower and some smalls. See pics.
This concentrate has had a light CRC on it
The notes are of limonene and Myrcene
And a little cherry after taste.
This peach is straight wet with terpenes but not to loose or sticky it’ is a shiny waxy consistency.

The flower this extract

has been made from
Is very sticky especially for hemp.
Your banger awaits try a cbd dab in the am and then follow it up with a high test one afterword and brace yourself for a well modulated high.
I have many flavors available no terps added
No isolate added.
No minimum quantity. I don’t mind sending out small amounts.


I’m gonna have to hit you up. Looks like a lot of love in there

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Call me ray @ 828-747-9608
Or DM me on IG @AshevilleExtracts

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I would love to try some dm me what all you have.


I bet they are delicious. We took ACDC extract and distilled it on wipe film. Then with the resulting terp fraction cold crashed out the Crystal’s with a little agitation. Made some beautiful CBD sauce. It tastes like candy and gives such a sweet feeling.

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