Cbda isolate

I’m v curious to see who has created/extracted and purified crystalline Cbd-a via non-synthetic processes- it seems to be a bit of a bear of a task all things considered though some folks here seem
To consider it child’s play- or at least claim it to be

Who’s got some? and if so please let’s see the goods. Even better if you post an SOP that’s legible.


@RockSteady I believe has done it, I could be mistaken.

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This can be done but only way I know isn’t cheap.

I have! It’s not an easy process; atleast the way that I’ve been doing it, from etoh crude.

@ExTek90 being the c02 wizard he is could easily dial in his c02 system to extract a 70-80ish % cbda “isolate” I only know this because I’m about to start to take a high purity co2 extract and refine it further to a true isolate. A large lab in or has been pumping it out; but the market isn’t there for it yet, not many people(consumers) understand what the acidics are.

the way I do it from EtOH crude is; essentially CRC, I filter the product heavily through a large column packed with different media stacks; I then take this filtrate and refine it further using LLE techniques; I then take this crude material and crash out the CBDA using an antisolvent technique. All in all going from etoh is not very efficient; you end up with a large loss from the filtration. But I can get it too 90ish percent purity with this method; probably could get it even higher. I’ve kind of put developing this method on the back burner as I’ve been engaged in another project as of late; but I’m hoping I can get back to playing with acidics very soon!

Tldr; best methods are c02 and chromatography; going from etoh is a pain and super laborious.

Also I should mention the compound when isolated isn’t stable; it seems like it likes do decarb itself and go to cbd over time; there are means to preserve to be shelf stable tho;


I could do this no problem with a proper setup. CBDa send to crash readily so purification and isolation from there is no daunting task

@HoosierHill and I have had an 83%ish CBDa crystalline material crash out of butane extracted crude. We discovered it when we were pouring out of the bucket and crystals had formed on the sides after about 3-4 weeks in cool temps.

@AppalachianExtractor I believe has been working on water clear CBDa concentrates as well.



We’re extracting it at over 90%+ purity and ND THC with water. It’s a powder.


Sonication? Sub/supercritical?

We have it in relatively high concentrations and purity (thc free) but we use it for vape cartridges that don’t crystallize and live tinctures. It is very difficult to crystallize unintentionally in my experience.

We also have live “badder” thc free. And it has a similar COA and doesn’t crystallize.


2001AIT0026.0078 - Heartland Harvest Processing, LLC - 20191014CFI CBDA.pdf (253.3 KB)

COA for anyone interested

It can be made into sauce diamonds. In slow small super tasty batches.

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Blast cryo 100% propane to strip the terps 1:3 solvent
Blast 100% butane to get the tac 1:10
Disolve in acetone pentane azeotrope
to winterize
Disolve in pentane for crystelization
Coldcrash method


Iv got VFSLabsCBDA-SpecSheet.pdf (126.3 KB)

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I’m looking for CBDA isolate I may have a big buyer what’s the prices?


Not really producing the CBDA diamonds at scale, doing small amounts for like $25/g. If the demand is there I’ve got plenty of starting material but we’re mostly doing CBG in the lab right now.

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I’ve got a buyer claiming they want to bulk CBDA isolate

Looks like @Thedistillator thedistillator is doing kilos for $4k

I can not match that price as I’d have to take time and equipment away from cbga production.

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