Cbda isolate

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Anyone have more insight on how to crystallize CBDa? Been trying to do that for a couple months using various solvents and methods, without much luck.

Its so weird that THCa seems so easy to crystallize, but CBDa is not so easy.

And then also CBD seems so easy to crystallize, but THC doesn’t ever seem to crystallize.

You will need to clean your oil to get your
CBDA number at 85% or more
For crashing to happen easy a slight low ph helps 6.5-6.8 ph
Working in slight colder atmosphere also helps
18-24 C
Certain some terps work better as solvent of Cbd-a than others
So certain strains crash faster than others
No data yet on wich terps wich terps work in favor or against


1.)“Blast cryo 100% propane to strip the terps 1:3 solvent
Blast 100% butane to get the tac 1:10
Disolve in acetone pentane azeotrope
to winterize
Disolve in pentane for crystelization
Coldcrash method”
2.)“For crashing to happen easy a slight low ph helps 6.5-6.8 ph”

Rogue: I was trying to make sense of these two helpful
statements you made on isolating and crystallizing CBDA.

I get confused when you refer to “slighly low pH” in the 6.5-6.8
range. You realize the carboxylic acid is most likely fully ionized at this pH. Are you suggeting you are precipitating salts of the acid? I have no idea how you apply the concept of pH in this regard, as your isloation proceedure (1.) has no reference to water at all? I assume you are getting good results but what are you crystalizing. Actually your observations may be rather profound as phenolic carboxylic acids are known to have polymorphic crystaline forms, dimers and catemers???
reference below

Have you worked the proceedure out in more detail this past year?



What’s up wit those

If you read a bit further he says 25 a gram and not producing in bulk

I also have diamonds at 10 a gram.

I get a lot of window shoppers on this cbda. I’m not lowering my price famalams.

Edit I will also send out small amounts with a minimum of 3.5 grams


if there is CBD in the crude will it stay in solution leaving the CBDa to crash?

Yes Wich ever cannabinoid is the most abundant by significant margin will crash out first
But I mean > 65% cbd-a to 5 cbd