Just going out on a limb here, as I’ve had some mental masturbation about a synthesis of CBN from CBD as a starting compound. I am aware of a synthesis from THC as a starting compound from the paper linked below. Could anyone give some insight on what steps could be taken, theoretically to produce CBN directly from CBD? My thoughts are maybe start by deprotonating the hydroxy group on CBD (either would work since that portion of the compound is meso) then perhaps a grignard reaction to remove the vinyl and close the ring, then di-methylate with DMS? Thoughts?

Structure of cannabidiol. VI. Isomerization of cannabidiol to Tetrahydrocannabinol, a physiologically active product. Conversion of cannabidiol to cannabinol
Adams, R., Pease, D.C., Cain, C.K., and Clark, J.H.
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 1940, 62 (9), pp 2402–2405
DOI: 10.1021/ja01866a040


That paper you posted was pretty neat. Funny reading papers before the advent of computers. Anyways, Deportation of the hydroxyl with a big bulky base (e.g. Pyridine) is fast and has a 1,5 bond path. So I think the ring closure is intramolecular (formal negative charge on the oxygen and a quasi positive charge on the alkene) via some type of aldol rxn. Just my thoughts.

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Here is a paper describing a one step reaction of CBD and THC to CBN with molecular iodine. They report yields of 72% using a 2 molar equivalent of sublimated iodine refluxed in toluene for an hour.



Yup That will work. Thanks

Thanks! That’s exactly what I was looking for

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Would you be using a dean stark trap for this.

Maybe I am misunderstanding the question, but they just use a condenser on top of their boiling flask. You could use that trap if you wanted to collect the water from your extract while your reaction was running?


Does anyone have the full text of this paper?

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also future reference @rushfarm just paste the link to the abstract into sci-hub.tw works most of the time


Search bar it s been posted by several members Maybe one is complete
There is a beter method in th glg
Sop division by @anon93688


In the glg sop where does the 30% peroxide come into play?

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No where that i know of it is based on a sulfur reaction

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Hmmm. Wonder why its listed as a component of the list of needed materials?

The hydrogen peroxide is meant to neutralize the hydrogen sulfide

Do not put that shit on dry ice like the SOP says or you’ll freeze the trap and it’ll stop working


Is that after the sulfide reaction is done and cbn crude is prepared?

No this is used during the reflux


Interesting. The sop doesnt discuss or put that step in at all. What ratio of peroxide to total solution of cbd/sulphur?