Cbd & thc ratio’s for cancer

Hi All,

Looking to see if any of you have had experience in dosing for cancer?

I’m currently mixing Distillate (for my thc -99% thc) and using cbd full spectrum paste made from hemp (for my cbd-16%).

I found this an easy way to be able to change the thc:cbd ratio and for pancreatic cancer I’m using a 1:1 ratio taken subliminal.

Interested to see if anyone has any ideas around vaping too… obviously when vaping there’s a much stronger high… which I’m sure hits the cancer cells hard :smiley:

Love to all

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I think the flavinoids in raw cannabis/hemp are also a key component to managing such ailments.


Yes, a lot 9f people talk about 5he entourage effect, interested to see if adding terpenes could do this?:

  • The Entourage Effect The Entourage Effect is a proposed mechanism by which cannabinoids and terpenoids work in tandem to essentially enhance each other’s effects via their modulatory interaction with the endocannabinoid system. By integrating terpenes in say, CBD distillates, product manufacturers and DIYers, can significantly increase their distillate’s medicinal and therapeutic potential.
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Try mixing in 10-30% volume of the best quality (organic nug run?) bho you can find. Done. No need for bs formulations thinking you can play god with terps in a pipette


Since cbg is absorbed by a different receptor than cbd and thc, it seems like adding cbg at least can’t hurt.


Right but all my fire strains I run have like 5 total cannabinoids

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Hope you find the information you are looking for

I’d go high CBD concentration so it negates some of the intensity of the THC (go like… 4:1?) And administer rectally

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I would be cautious here/would need a bit more information to point you in a direction.

I was employed as a biochemist for a while and did a lot of drug delivery stuff with brain cancer. We were utilizing hydrophobic/fatty compound nanoemulsions for BBB permeability–I was interested in CBD specifically for this compound for the following reasons:

  • the hypoxic microenvironment of glioblastoma tumors was generated by this thing called HIF-1 (hypoxia-inducible factor 1), of which CBD was an antagonist of. Theoretically, inhibiting HIF-1 with CBD = raise the surrounding pH of the tumor = less invasion into surrounding tissue).
  • literature suggests antioxidants (same microenvironment rationale) cause GSC’s to differentiate (glioblastoma stem cells, immortal, essentially impossible to treat/the reason why the cancer is almost impossible to eradicate). Differentiation = making cells mortal = creating a therapeutic window for treatment

However, there is also literature that suggests that cannabinoids can potentiate the aggressiveness of cancer cells, as CB1 and CB2 receptors are overexpressed in a lot of cancers, and some of them utilize the downstream biochemical pathway to their advantage for things like energy/metabolism, proliferation, etc.

If you feel comfortable doing so, pass along a bit more information regarding the specific type and stage of the pancreatic cancer, including any genotype data you have (p53 expression/deletion, etc) and age (feel free to DM if you want to continue the discussion there) and I can see if there’s any specific literature that could point ya in the right direction.

Relative to vaping, it’s a matter of bioavailability (vaping increases the cannabinoid load that actually gets into your ‘system’ vs. traditional tincture approaches), but you also need to look at effectors such as blood pressure, potential chemotherapeutics you’re already taking and how they are metabolized by the liver (cannabinoids give you that grapefruit effect due to inhibition of drug metabolic pathways which could lead to unexpected toxicity with primary oncogenic agents), etc.

I’m not a doctor and my words should carry that relative weight, and I’d definitely suggest just being straight with your physician and ask them the same questions, but I do wish you all the best, and hope you’re on the up and up in no time


@chempistry any progress in your research?
We are finding the final 30% to be difficult to remove or reduce, for obvious reasons.

With recent client, biopsy shows palisading necrosis, leading to re-diagnosis of GC-GBM. Obviously, biopsy was only available after removal of mass, which was possible after 3 months of “treatment.”

I got published here as a result of the study but given where I was doing the research it wasn’t entirely ‘kosher’ at the time to publish the cannabinoid specific research generated. I’d be happy to share elsewhere.

Does anyone have the capability to western blot scavenger receptor expression in the biopsy? From what I saw, albeit in vitro, inhibiting GBM’s capability to scavenge for cholesterol, regardless of the combined therapeutic, led to the most significant IC50 value changes. Non-cannabinoid antioxidants such as resveratrol performed similarly to CBD in a wide range of cell lines, increasing the therapeutic efficacy of combined agents, with synergy seen in some lines relative to invasiveness.


I decimated my mother in law with 600mg (3/4 gram distillate) a day for a few months.

She had a hard time leaving bed for a week but then got better. She was a daily dabbler with a bigger than average tolerance.

She had stage 4 non hodgkins and bone marrow cancer. Her white blood cell level was through the roof at first and she was riddled with gumball to golfball sized cancerous lymphocytes cysts

When she went back in for her check up her doctors were dumbfounded. Her white blood cell level was that of a completely healthy person. Her cysts were almost GONE. Her doctor gave her 1-2 years to live 5 years ago.

Another family member talked her into doing chemo and she went really downhill and almost died. Got so sick she had heart attacks. She is very resistant to getting that blasted on distillate again for a few months so I don’t push it on her but try to dab her out a half dozen times a day to keep some sort of thc in her to slow the spread.

She is currently on hospice and was wasting away until they added in some methadone to her morphine and put her on a steroid. She is putting back on weight and being more active.

I have heard that mct oil aids in uptake. I don’t know what cbd does for cancer so I never really gave her any. In retrospect I think it may have calmed the intense thc a bit.


Per the recommendation of a family friend/doctor involved in projectcbd.org I am giving my family member going through chemo a 1:1:1 Ratio of D9/CBD/CBG to fight the tumor.

All ethanol distillates infused into MCT oil at a high dose.
She also takes a 1:1 CBD/CBG full spectrum MCT oil throughout the day.

Current treatment plan is 50mg of THC, 50mg of CBD, and 50mg of CBG daily,
working up to the maximum dose of 150mg THC, 150mg CBD, and 150mg of CBG daily.
For stage 3 cancer.

From what I gathered CBG has potential to help fight cancer, and the 1:1:1 ratio is a good one. Ideally moving forward Id like to make capsules with d9/cbd/cbg crudes with minimal carrier oil and very high MG.

Hope this helps.

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