CBD isolate to HHC

Hello everybody…
they told me about a process that allows you to obtain HHC from isolated CBD.
do you think it is possible to do this process?
if so, what is the most homemade method? thank you!

This is gonna be you after you do a home made hydrogenation


Even a skilled chemist lost his life performing this reaction under less than ideal conditions. Dig deeper at your own risk, but definitely not a home process.


watch this video for an EXTREMELY detailed explanation of what happens when you do it wrong-


thank you all for your interest. I wrote home method to make it clear that it was not a very complicated method, but when I understand it is dangerous. in the company we extract good quantities of hemp every day with isobutane, dcm and ethanol. I know the dangers associated with this type of work. we don’t do any kind of additional processing though. They told me about a relatively simple method to get hhc from cbd isolate, but I haven’t gone into details and I would like to understand what it is to decide if it is a process that I feel like doing or not. thanks to those who will be of help to me.

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Once you understand everything that’s involved and how to do it safely, it is an extremely simple reaction but make a mistake and this is how you end up


Those telling you NOT to pursue this, ARE trying to help.

They are trying to avoid a repeat of DavidB GoFundMe for funeral costs and scholarship


thank you for the advice and i will follow the one not to follow the hhc path for now.
But I have to find what to do with the crude oil I produce.
isolated cbd? cbd distillate? separate thc and cbd? in your opinion what is the simplest process to do? thank you

I would say your next step should have to do with what your market is demanding rather than what’s easiest.

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actually anything I do with it is fine. since I have the finished product in my hand, I decide which market to put it on. the problem is that this crude oil is neither meat nor fish. those who love thc do not like it because there is too little of it and I cannot sell it on the cbd market because it has too much thc.

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Isolate the CBD. The mother liquor will have a higher THC ratio that can be used for edibles. Serve both markets.


strong textthis would be the idea I had in addition to that of the hhc, but I need some advice …

Giving you advice would be easier if you asked a more specific question. The only advice I can give you now regarding the info you have provided is to buy HHC because it’s cheap and there are folks that have a great handle on producing it in bulk safely and by the time you monetize any you make, prices will be near the bottom. Stick to extraction, refinement, and isolation of the different constituents of your biomass at a low cost and find a revenue stream for each product you make.

thank you. currently we extract every day with different solvents (bho, ethanol and dcm). I feel very crude oil in my hand and I would like to do something with it. I tried with a short path to separate the cannabinoids but I didn’t succeed because I don’t know the procedure well. also I didn’t have a vacuum pump.

There’s no real way to distill cannabinoids without vacuum. Also, if you have trash oil, there’s things you should do to remediate it before pathing it. You’ll just ruin your stuff with no vacuum. There’s tons and tons of info here on it. Enough so, I was able to teach myself (with some spoons, but really everything is here I swear

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thank you for the advice. let’s see together the pieces that I miss … crude oil must first of all winterize it, right? after I put it in the short path with still the solvent (ethanol?) or before putting it in the short path I remove the solvent and do the decarboxylation with a rotary evaporator? thank you

Remove solvent and decarb before spd.

See: I make terrible distillate....why?

You definitely don’t want to take on conversions if you don’t have distillation and isolate production figured out yet.

Try: Free (BUT OLD) Hemp Biomass-to-Isolate SOP (complete) using cryo EtOH, wiped film dist., with C7 (re)crystallization


Thank you Sir!

Sir, you need to follow the links that were provided by another member. And really do some reading before you ever think about doing anything again. And I’m only just telling you this because it’s my opinion but regardless you have no idea of what you’re doing

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