CBD ISOLATE FOR SALE NO Min no Max contracts prefered


We have a farm and extraction lab located in Colorado that sells bulk CBD in any form needed. No min quantities. Looking to put monthly contracts together but will also do spot buys. BINDING LOI or POF for POL and COA. Up to 20,000 kilos a month.


How the hell are you making 20k kilos a month? Just curious


I am not sure what you mean. Right this second we are not as the supply of hemp is extremely low. HOWEVER when harvest season rolls around our machines can produce over 20,000 kilos of Isolate a month. AND ONLY EXPANDING. We have new state of the art machines that we just got that yields 18% more and uses 60% less energy than a standard extraction machine. Any other questions feel free to email me at chad@hempicated.com


What are these machines???


So you process 6,000+ kilos a day of raw hemp flowerz? How ? I dont really wanna email ya sorry.


Sorry not posting that on here. Also dont have an NDA. But I will let you know we bought 25% of a science company that designed and built these machines. We can run about 24,000lbs of raw material in a 12 hour day.


and starting 2019 we will be doubling and tripling those numbers.


How much for just a few 100grams for personal




For how many grams


100 grams


hi im very interested and have proof of funds . how should we continue?


Drop your phone number and I will give you a call today.


I am looking for toll processing Bio to isolate. Can you help?


Depends on how much biomass, % tolling you would like to do, and where the biomass is. You can email me at chad@hempicated.com for more information.



Could I get some pricing on your isolate? I have a couple orders currently. Would do contracted purchase for each order. Just so I am clear you are a licensed lab correct? Text me at (657)456-4233. Thanks!


Can I get quotes? 5622306376


Please do this over private message, the forum is for discussion.


We are licensed yes. What type of order were you looking to place?


Good Morning,

Thank you for your response. Really complicated finding a licensed lab that is producing isolate. I deal with a couple labs that produce Full Spec CBD however I have a few clients that wish to contract for isolate for the time being. I have a couple orders now. The first being an order for 1,600kg. Let’s start with pricing for that if possible. Let me know.