CBD flower terps?

Has anyone tried terpenes derived from cbd flowers, is it the same as hemp derived terps or are they sligly more aromatic?

Less aromatic hemp terps approx90-120 identified terps
Cannabis120-172 identified terps per strain

The new breeds / strains are way better in total terp content by numbers
Thus giving a fuller taste/scent than the traditional industrial hemp stains

Hemp derived = hemp flower derived


Ah thats fantastic then, because some of the newer cbd strains have around 150 terps so it should be pretty close to cannabis derived terps.

Its also good to know that HDT come from hemp flowers because ive seen some farms where they just grow regular hemp and extract whatever they can from the plant (male/female) and it turns out pretty bad.

hemp is cannabis, so wouldn’t hemp derived terps still be cannabis derived terps…?


Well the cannabis plant has a much higher thc content which makes it much more powerful smelling.

Although i did grow some matterhorn cbg plants and they had a really potent cannabis smell for some reason.

The THC content doesnt effect the end Terpene Fraction, its the genetic predispostion of that plant to contain an abundance of Terps in their respective ratios. It just so happens that Canna derived Flower has superior Terpene profiles. This may be changing, but generally, Hemp AND CBD Terps (same thing) are high in Mycrene, giving them all a similar dark earthy ‘Hemp’ smell.

Canna are nearly always better

We sell CDT’s in Europe, check out Terpfarms.co.uk / terpfarms.us

If only there was someone with caryophyllene dominant hemp strains :face_with_monocle:


Well dont keep us in suspense, is there?

As written, this is incorrect. The human olfactory system is unable to detect pure THC molecules, which means THC potency has no effect on cannabis flower aroma. The reason Cannabis flower smells better than (what we refer to as) hemp flower is purely a function of breeding selection.

When cannabis breeders select breeding progeny for advancement (loosely termed “pheno-hunting” in this industry), for the most part they are focused on yield, potency, or flowering time (and to a lesser extent plant architecture and flower structure). That said, rarely (if ever) does a cannabis breeder make a progeny advancement decision without also smelling the flowers, because cannabis consumers perceive floral aroma as a high-value quality trait. This means that floral aroma phenotypes have been incorporated into nearly all cannabis breeding advancements over the past 50 years, which equates to a rapid genomic selection event that has resulted in (1) dramatically increased pungency, and (2) the impressive diversity of terpene profiles that now exist across modern cannabis strains.

Until very recently, floral aroma has never been perceived as a high-value quality trait for hemp… so hemp breeders had no reason to incorporate floral aroma into their breeding advancement decisions. This explains why hemp flower aroma is generally less pungent than cannabis flower aroma, and it also explains why many hemp strains produce flowers that (generally speaking) smell similar to one another.


i’ve grown BaOx for 3 seasons now and its very high in beta caryophyllene myrcene is second in the profile

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And how would you describe the smell of this particular strain?

Yes. Plenty of gas terps, indica type profiles. You don’t have to grow fruity strains anymore it’s 2023. You wouldn’t grow blue dream again, why grow suver haze again.

Feel free to contact if interested in seeds or clones. Samples of the flower available as well with COAs

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a lemon / lavender candle… then you crack a bunch of fresh peppercorns ontop and light that sucker

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Can you message me with your catalog please

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Be aware that All good/great smelling cbd strains have over 0.3% thc so that might be a thingy

Absolutely, sending over a DM

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Hemp is Cannabis Sativa
CBD flower is Cannabis Sativa
Marijuana is Cannabis Sativa

Take it from a plant molecular biologist.

They are ALL cannabis derived terpenes…


In my experience a majority of the public purchasing CBD products don’t realize it comes from the cannabis plant, and assume it comes from the same industrial hemp used in fiber, paper, cool flooring, hempseed oil, etc. Many companies don’t even understand the difference. (don’t mind the droopy houseplant)

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Not droopy at all been zooming in looking at wtf it was purples strain ever😂

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Was the Xmas tree for the shop somebody overwatered it :man_facepalming: meant to show the industrial hemp boards next to it

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