Cbd extraction and refinement lab setup

With all the new innovation and competitive products being brought to our market curious what others opinions are on different options for equipment as far whats the most affordable , efficient , and productive route to go for ethanol extraction , solvent recovery , distillation, and isolation. Im looking to setup for processing 500+ lbs bio mass and finishing 10+ liters of isolate in a 12 hr work day. Whats everyones mindset on chinese machinery vs. American ? Currently looking at 710 snob , pinnacle , some chinese systems and others. Have also been looking at the Sambocreek filtration setup .Lookeing at setting up 2 12l lab society g2’s and also looking for stainless steal reactors for crystallization vessels dont want to use glass jars as some do. 250k is my budget for equipment appreciate any opinions or help some can offer. Also im a bit new to the site so forgive me if im not in the right section for this topic.


Which state are you operating in?

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you might blow your budget with the falling film evaportaor, and the steam generator used to power it. thats a pretty big goal right out of the gate. I would start with smaller goals for production, and scale up when you have the resources/time. buy your equipement with your future goals in mind, but don’t let it hang you up.

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Lab society is trash and short paths do not work on that scale.

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If you believe the elliot hype it’s faster! lol :rofl:

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A good rule of thumb is to not believe people who sell you equipment that their lively hood depends on. Believe the people!


The “isolation” step in your productive route can be fairly expensive. Think ultra low freezers and vacuum ovens. That equipment can add up very quickly.

this quote may be right up your alley!

enter the distillation heads designed with an upper cup!


doing (or continuing) your solvent recovery after the team leaves for the day can help with that bottle-neck.

you don’t need 100gal/hr recovery until you need more than 1000gal of solvent per day.

1000gal might get you 3000lb of biomass, possibly more if the cannabinoid content is low (although I don’t recommend trying to extract biomass below 3% target, when better is available).


Yeah the ffe would definitely take most of my capital , i know a few china 50l rotos would get the job done. Was hoping there would be a better way around it . How do you feel about lab society solvent recovery system?

So are you saying wiped film would be the better route ? The WF at at my last spot wasnt fully operational so i never really got experienced with it. We were mainly operating the g2s getting around 4 liters on 1st pass about every 4.5 hours so my game plan was to have 2 12l running 20 hr days. Whats your take on 20l lab societys?

Thats definitely a battle im having trying to figure out some reasonable jacketed crystallization vessels so i wont have to utilize the freezers. Trying to step away from the jars and freezer route.


Ok those are great for crystallization. You plan to cold wash or recrystallize?

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you know, I have never run one so i can’t say. If your goal is running to distillate you dont have to be too gentle with the resin. rotovaps are nice if your main concern is product degredation, however; if your goal is to decarb next i don’t see the point of babying it!


A twelve liter lab society will give you nothing but a headache and no return. You will end up melting down the glass to make a wiped film with it.

Message me your phone number and I will call you.

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The vast majority of clients I have worked with have been extremely satisfied with their Lab Society equipment. They stand above all the other cannabis focused SPD companies IMO. All of their glass is manufactured by ChemGlass and is top quality.

I have been in multiple medium size hemp processing facilities using their SPDs exclusively, and several large ones that have LS SPDs on hand for small batch RnD.

A 12L silvered, non-cup style can easily yield 1000g/hr+ during main body, I’ve repeated this 100s of times.

I settled with Lab Society after dealing with most of the other companies as a customer and being dissatisfied with either their equipment (XD), their customer service,(Summit) or both (AI).


Obviously future and I have completely different experiences and I will say I have not seen one person with a even a medium size processing facility(150-250lbs a day extraction). Lab society customer service is not good and many times they do not provide instructions for set up either (this helps keep some consultants in business). You may be able to get a 12 liter to work with an extra $10-$20k to turn your vac system to mainly hardlines and get something bigger than a crv-8. Also need larger vac piping throughout to take advantage of the cfm for these vacuum pumps. Additionally, 1 kilo/hr maybe once your body is running but also picture running your heads and tails at slower rates… o yea and you need to pay someone somewhat technically trained to take the fucker apart once a day and put it back together. And pay other hourly employees to clean your glassware. So 1kilo/hour with all that time included is prolly 300ml hour.

At that cost you should start with a pope 2 or 4 inch. (Even though pope is janky it is better than a “shortpath”.

I will quote again, “there is nothing short about a short path” huge heat exposure time leads to degredation of cannabinoids.

Please message me your info before you buy a shit path, i could talk all day about the inferiority of this equipment.


Now wait a second, those cup style heads absolutely do out perform a traditional SPD head. No one said to be skeptical of progress. All though there is clearly over hype being done.

Thats why I prefer Mr. Rocco

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we have high speed alcohol distiller units that can do about 20-30 liter an hour and some really nice wiped film units. Plus we can do custom configurations and modifications and SOP development.