Cbd extraction and refinement lab setup


I see you post in literally almost every thread when someone is looking for equipment to scale up their facility, and I don’t know if you’ve looked at your own website but it’s sorely lacking in pictures and details of real equipment. It’s been that way the entire time I’ve been a member here.

I have never done business with you or your company, but from a first impression standpoint I have some serious doubts if you can’t even finish out your website…


we are re-doing our web site and once our web site is up to par, we will contact you on your inquiry


I’d really like to hear more about your trainging offerings!


Mosy likely will implement both into sops.


what sort of training you looking for?


So change of plans need to scale up to over 50l of isolations harvests daily and looking to begin buildout and purchasing equipment soon. If you have suggestions and can steer me in the right direction please feel free to message me !


Actually, I was trying to make a small joke about a typo on the DrJosh site…but are you associated with Advanced Synthesis of San Ysidro? If so, we’ve had interactions already, about four years ago. Two 4" popes and a box of unrelated glassware were involved…


I have a feeling Dr Josh is a chinese rep


Your budget is on the small side, but you might be able to pull off a smaller scale build that can scale up.

I would try pricing out the Atles from https://capnasystems.com/ , then go with a couple rotos, followed by a YHChem stainless WFE (~$80k). That line up right there should be under $300k. There are people out there that finish isolation with a cryo freezer and buckets…but I’m not expert there.


I work at a large scale CBD lab and we are getting in Lab society SPDs. I’d like to talk to you about some of the problems and concerns you’ve had and also other options