CBD Etoh cristal needs cleaning

So back story… I have played around with the crude CBD extract…

Poured and evaporated most of the Etoh.

Then pured in the baby jar capped, and then subjected it to a baine marie 90C for 10min… Afterwards the baby jar was left for an hour at 0 C outside. Then I forgot about it for 2 weeks and discovered this…

So I got it tested and it was from 76 to a 82% cbd content and the thc went down bt almost 30%.

Im looking to clean up a bit more of the sauce to get even higher, and was thinkin of maybe a cold ethanol wash to just spritz the cristal to get the colored sauce a bit more seperated.

Im not looking for polar solvent solutions thank you kindly, as this seems to pass the “organic” production standards… And never like to be around butane pentane and the rest of the gang :slight_smile:

Thanks for your ideas

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I’d disolve in etoh; pour a table spoon of activated carbon into the solution; stir vigorously; then filter out the carbon; boil off a tiny bit of etoh and allow to crystalize.


This :point_up:


that looks like a centrifuge tube…spin the living shit out of it!!

see: YOC Dirty Diamond Tek

then recrystallize as @RockSteady suggests.


Hit up @Waxplug1 about the centrifuge tech. He’s been spinning shit like crazy


Woah. I just read that thread for the first time and that shit’s on point!

Indeed this is an ependorf… I use them for samples for analytics…

But sadly without the fuge so not an option… was looking at that thread only a couple of days ago and drooling.


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Will do… Would you cosider also PVPP in the mix perhaps?

Will try this in a week when the rock forms back again, cause this ruby went to the lab…

Thnx for sharing!

I haven’t seen pvpp used in cannabis refinement

Ive tryied it a couple of times… And some threads here suggest a use of it…

Works quite nice and i think its the reason ehy this thing crashed out… Cause the pvpp took the heavy molecular compunds(tannins in this case) and probaly increases mobility…

Edit:* but havent used it in a heat/scrub/distiling application just for mensturm cleaning and filtering over the buch

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Very cool I have some as well as gelatin and polycar

Edit: sry dont know how to link it for you…

Edit:* sry seems i do… :slight_smile:

Im gonna remove some menstrum processed with gelatin today, what a coinkidink loool :slight_smile:

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Waka flaka floculation


Woah… That’s like borderline Event Horizon type shit!


So… Ive sent the cristal to the lab…

And wanted to you know…seed the rest and grow em some more.

I let them warm a bit so the molasses part started to run and thw cristals stayed intact. and capped again…left at room temp.

Turnes to sugar…

Should I have put in a drip of solvent and not heat up and cap to promote further growth? Or did I fuckup initially and should have left the boulder to grow and then just separate what would be left over.

Any ibsight much appreciated by your diamond alchemists…


Can I try to restart with Etoh now, heat up to disollve cap and post the results in 2 weeks? :))