Cbd crumble

Any familiar with the process of turning CBD distillate to crumble? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Reintroduce waxes? Traditionally crumble is garbage. There are some other similar textures that are high end however

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I got myself 50 grams of full spectrum distillate and wanted to experiment making different things aside from carts. I was finally successful I simply exposed it and let it oxidize and a bit of agitation. Originally I was heating it I believe this was coverting the CBD-A and keeping it from locking up


If it was distillate, then there was probably no CBDa in there to begin with.

it is apparently possible to run non-decarbed material through a wiped film, but all material exiting an SPD is fulling decarboxylated on exit, even if it wasn’t going in. Most explicitly decarb before going into WFE

You’re trying to turn distillate back into a poorly refined wax?

Find someone who has winterized their material, and add those fats and waxes back. or ask @bridge for some WFE waste.

Maybe you could get some more details on what you’re hoping to achieve?

You can make whipped CBDa extracts via both Ethanol or hydrocarbon extraction that have textures similar to that I believe you’re after.

You just don’t make them from Distillate.
You can make distillate from crumble…


Just whipped up my CBD oil and left it overnight and turned into this.


Once your CBD distillate is of sufficient potency you should see it start to crystallize. Might try spreading it out and make sure the ambient temperature is not above 70-ish ˚F

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