CBD Cart Won't Crystallize

So I made a CBD vape that is 90% CBD disty and 10% cannabis terpenes…I took a few hits and left it in my car, left it in my desk and it’s been over a week…but it won’t crystallize. I’m trying to see if you can smoke through a vape with crystallized CBD because every time I try to make a CBD vape, it crystallizes. Just my luck that the one time I made it hoping for crystallization, I make my first batch that doesn’t crystallize…

Anybody have experience with cannabis terpenes vs botanical with CBD regarding crystallization?

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need it to crash out? drop a few flecks of isolate in there. Or put it in the freezer. Or both

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Cannabis derived terpenes, depending on the fractions, can have other constituents that seem to do a very good job at interfering with CBD crystallization.

Botanical terpenes, in my experience, do not possess this quality.


Did you check the ph of the distillate? I seem to remember a more basic solution was more likely to inhibit crystal growth. T5, T41, and Crystal Resistance

Hmmmmmm i Like the sound of that! Friday is formulation day and I’m getting all kinds of exited!!!


Here come the kicker…it crystalizes in the vial in which it’s stored but not in a cart with a small amount of cannaterps but I think @ExTek90 might be on the right path about having other constituents within the Terps


I believe it may have something to do with the pressure inside the cart, (my best guess) because I experienced the same thing, the cartridge didn’t crystallize until 3 weeks after the source bowl.


I blasted the cart with a torch (gently) and then put it in the freezer…STILL NOTHING.

I just find it hilarious that the one time I want to make it crash out…I can’t.

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He said he didn’t alter the pH, at least intentionally.
That was my first thought too.

@that445guy Nevermind, wrong thread. There was a similar one a couple weeks back that had the same topic of discussion. Weird lol.

Update: made another but filled the entire cart…crystallized over night. Same distillate and same cannabis terps used. What the heck…


This is what commonly happens with mine. Once you hit a certain volume- seems like there’s a large enough quantity of fellows that the cbd wants to join up and recrystallize.

Would love to find a way to.reduce this behavior without introducing foreign ingredients to the mix

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Electrically induced crystallization?


It’s because agitation and cause quicker nucleation, so when you mix a batch with a stir bar, then fill an allflex gun, it’s getting stirred and pushed through small diameters while the temperature is fluctuating. If you’re just mixing enough for one or 2 carts, it’s probably not getting nearly as much movement, and not as drastic of a temperature shift, because you’re being very meticulous…plus you’re only capping one or two instead of 100 while it’s cooling- pressure from closing the caps after mixing and cooling will cause it to lock up much quicker…now to figure out this ph situation