Cascade vacuum oven malfunction

I have narrowed the problem down to the large thunderstorms causing the issue of my cascade to malfunction. (Yes, I know I should have been more preemptive over the weekend.)
My security system sends me notifications of power outages, and since there were none I’m thinking a flash could’ve been the reason for the temperature spike and it frying everything inside.
No other equipment acts this way during these storms: AI ovens, disty equipment, filling machines, etc.
This is the fourth time my cascade oven has cost me thousands of grams. I have called repeated amounts of times, only for them to tell me that they have never had this problem before, and that is must be user error.

Has anyone else had this problem?
Or potentially a solution?

Thank you.

i am unfamiliar with the device, but wouldn’t a UPS like you would use on a computer fix the issue

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What happened? Let’s see the aftermath. Can’t you just run with no heat? What product are you making?

It sounds like your 220v may be wired improperly


:X just get an Ai or even XD oven.
They’re cheap and common.
I have yet to hear of such bad experiences with theirs (correct me if you have)

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We could summon @Sidco_Cat


Before and after. Decarbing and distilling now, that’s why the second pic looks like that. It’s on a heat plate rn.

you haven’t described the problem well enough to answer that.

guessing it’s a vacuum oven, but that isn’t even the only style of oven they make…

which model?
what are the symptoms?!?



Had it set at 85 over the weekend trying to get it to crystallize then come back to it and see what I could do with it.
Temp spiked some point over the weekend, and came back to everything melted and burnt.

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what was oven doing when you got back to it?

on? off? at 85F?

you mention other events. details?!?

can you duplicate the symptoms by playing with the breaker?

The oven acted as if was still set at 85 but when I turn it off and back on, it will read the true temp of 300+
No vac was being pulled
I can attempt to duplicate. We’ve had OGE come replace a phase, moved the vac oven location, etc.

We have a wall of AI’s
Not a problem with a single one during storm szn, or any other time

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by “acted as if” I assume you mean “temp displayed was 85F”.
which sounds like a pissed PID… possibly a damaged one.

possibly a warrantee issue (@Sidco_Cat).

how about those other “events” ?!?

edit: never had a PID freak out on me in this manner. any engineer worth their salt would recommend a backup thermostat with a “max temp” cutoff. I don’t believe any of the ovens we use in this industry have that functionality (I could be wrong). diagnosing an intermittent failure is non-trivial. most of the PID’s I’ve wired up had quite wide input voltage ranges, not sure how to achieve the phenotype you’re describing.


I don’t believe any of the ovens we use in this industry have that functionality (I could be wrong).

WRONG!! looks like cascade does…see @Mosaic_Co-Labs’s post below.


I would check the thermocouple and confirm it is accurate.

maybe don’t use this one again till the issue is resolved.


Yes, temp. displayed. The other events were the same way, displayed what I left the temp at, but inside was cooking.
Every “event” the same, no matter the set temp, desired consistency, etc.
When I flip off and back on, it reads outrageous temps.
I will ask Cascade about the PID and potential for a thermal cutout/high temp switch.
Very non-trivial, to say the least hahaha
I’m still very novice to the game so please excuse my lack of thoroughness


if it’s still under warrantee, I’d ask for a replacement PID.
if it’s not my response would be to replace it myself.

given the shipping back and forth, and my training, I’d simply insist cascade sent me the PID…I understand your milage may vary.

I’d probably add an “oh shit” sensor while I was in there…


Actually most Cascade’s come equipped with a second PID controller for OVERTEMP PROTECTION exclusively. I’ve worked on several. The client’s hired me for a consult to literally change the TEMP SV setting for them. Took me like 2 minutes to “fix” 4 ovens…They thought I was a magician


Either route someone from their company or the forum can easily walk you through DIY replacement


Look on right side of front panel for a second digital readout and make sure it’s set TEMP is somewhere between 5-10 degrees above your desired working temp

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… 4 ramp & Soak…

might be worth reseting the PID to factory defaults (might have to ask Cascade how to push that button).

then testing it (for weeks) by putting something in there that won’t melt unless set temp is exceeded by at least 10C. (candle?)

certainly not worth putting product in it till you’ve figured this out.


I’d love to help unofficially. I am no longer with Cascade but I know some things if you’d like assistance.That temp spike is certainly strange.

Is this a 2, 5 or 10?
Can you send a picture of the front panel?
Do you have the bottom shelf installed by the temp probe? pics, please
Do you have the overtemp protection set?