Cart Ready CO2 Oil

I’m working with a 2000-20L Transformer from Apeks. Thanks to this forum and a few other resources, I was able to dial in pretty good parameters for terps.

Now I am curious if there is a way to get cart ready oil straight from the extractor with very little, or no, post-processing. Just mix the terps back in and throw it in a cart.

Any and all help, tips, links, etc are greatly appreciated!

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When you say the oil straight from the extractor- wont it have high wax and lipid content, it may meddle with the heating element in most vape pens. Its my guess, it may work fine for few runs, but may gunk up.The terps will be botanical or from the 1st fraction?

Drain droyd would like speed up your winterization, not sure that’s a step you can just skip since CO2 I’m pretty sure pulls more fats and lips, which would make homogenizing more difficult along with likely cartridge issues.

I’m not too familiar with Co2, but I had a cart that was straight CO2 oil and it was great! A lil dark for what most customers would like, but it hit all the way to the end in a G5 .5g. I believe it was supercritical. @nostrum could likely give a more educated opinion on the matter. I loaded his cbda oil into a cart and it fired all the way as well.

If you can develop a customer base that isn’t tripping on color then I think it’s not a bad way to go. That’s a tricky thing to do though. Your brand has to really develop some clout. The all white ceramics may help make the color seem less dark and I would definitely stick to .5ml.

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Supercritical tends to pull more waxes out- we’ve spent 3 years figuring out the best subcritical parameters, and get under 10% waxes… straight out of the machine won’t work though because it comes out an emulsion of oil and water- gotta take the water off then see what the result is


You’re going to have to winterize the oil if you want it to be good enough to go into a pen. CO2 simply pulls too many unwanted fats that will burn and char your oil. The cart will look like black gunk surrounds the coils if it’s not dewaxed before putting it into a cartridge. Even if you can get the CO2 oil and terpenes mixed, if there are fats it’ll make the experience less enjoyable.

I know a producer out of Las Vegas that makes carts with CO2 oil, they run their machine sub to get the terps, supercrit to get the cannabinoids, they winterize it, recover ethanol, then cold boil the rest of the CO2 off, add terps back in, homogenize, then fill carts.

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not gonna be any CO2 left after winterizing- there is usually some trapped but it’s long gone by the time you winterize. Here’s a picture of a non-winterized “crude” that just doesn’t have any real wax content due to tons of trial and error- has had the water taken off, that’s it. Can read a newspaper through that shit!


Looking good! That’s what I’m trying to pull. What machine are you using?

Does anyone have any experience or know anything about using a centrifuge to pull out the fats/waxes/lipids?

I run a 2x10L IES Super critical machine and I do not get this water you guys speak of in the oil, in our terpene pulls we will but not in our oil runs, we decarb prior too oil run so there is zero moisture in the finished oil, if someone wants to share parameters with me id love to chat and bounce off some ideas

This is my straight out of an IES machine no winterized cart.


this is straight out of our IES with terpenes reintroduced


We’re running a subcritical system, so we get around 100-200g water per 1.5kg

Care to post some photos of the separation?

Is that in your terpene fraction or oil? Because there can’t be water in the oil fraction if you’re running decarbed, are you running non decarbed? If so I am really interested in hearing about how it runs for you

We do not decarb the material in order to retain the profile, then process to multiple derivatives from there

How? Granted we’re running different machines so parameters may be different. But how??

Regardless of water content, do you find that decarbing the material before the oil run is essential in getting a cart-ready oil straight from the machine?

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Interesting we strip terpenes then decarb then run for oil, have you seen lower yields due to it being nondecarbed? I was told by ies that our yields would suffer if we did not decarb

I am not sure, we just got our machine so I am dialing it in currently, the terpenes are insane so that’s dialed I am just trying to perfect a straight ready cartridge, I would rather run undecarbed and then decarb in post processing because I feel like taste would be better.