Cars ur building!

Trying to get an active car thread started here. What are you building? What did it cost? How much power to the wheels? What’s ur after market parts list consist of? And everything thing else in between


This is off-topic, but I thought I’d post it in case someone is looking for a project.

I just decided to sell our 1988 Cadillac Allante. Had a knee replaced last year and have all kinds of trouble getting into and out of the low riding vehicle. As most 35 year old cars, it has some issues with interior and occasional electronic instability, but it never really bothered me much. Only put a thousand or so miles on it a year, only on sunny summer days. Would be a nice project car for anyone capable of diagnosing and repairing such things, but it does need a little love.

Any handy folks out there with interest?


Here’s my car’s turbo inlet doing it’s impression of goatse

This is exactly why 2 or so years ago I started teaching myself (or moreso youtube did) how to fix my own car and perform whatever I need on it that my feeble mind can handle. I literally paid them for a fuckin brand new turbo inlet. 99% sure that’s been the cause of death for my last 2 turbos without the mechanic even giving a fuck about it when he replaced the original one.

I’m pretty lucky I ripped it apart when I did (and that the chunk of turbine didn’t go straight to the engine) because I thought it was just a simple coolant leak but it actually made me see a lot of fucked up shit the last mechanic that worked on it did like 3 spring clamps on the oil drain line and parts with no fuckin gaskets at all on them. Like what the actual fuck??? And that’s their job!!??

Ps broken turbos sound like Ric Flair


Next up - China turbo (maxpeedingrods gear is actually pretty decent holdover stuff which I strongly recommend as long as you verify part number and fitment a few times over before ordering, might even get some of their coilovers soon) and a nice Mishimoto turbo inlet so I don’t have to deal with my inlet looking like an East Colfax hooker and shredding turbines again.


After those are popped on I’m considering upgrading the fuel pump and injectors to support a VF52 turbo since those are much much much more common than shitty TD04s and give a safe power boost with a decent tune on it for a stock engine



Sick!!! What are you building it for?

Since having my little one Ive been compelled to shift from fast sedans/coupes to a heavy safety oriented but relatively compact suv.

After safety, gas mileage was my primary concern. I also like torque. I hated not wanting to drive our bigger vehicles anywhere because of poor gas mileage.

Settled on a VW Touareg diesel prestige. Essentially a Porsche Cayenne without air suspension and fancy trim.

After killing all the stupid parts on the car and a stage 2 tune, it performs pretty beautifully. Excited to see how it handles in deeper snow this season. Just below 300 to the wheels, but 524 torque makes it a blast, even in a super heavy compact.

Working out the little kinks but all in all I’m stoked.


Gonna be doing a rear diff swap. Will post pics of diff in a bit. Got a lot to do.


2000 sunfire, daughters first car, went thru everything, ughh, not prettiest or fastest but turn key no issue car now, paid $800 , 3grand going thru leaks suspension breaks every last thing on it ughh, now … have to send to Hawaii another $2300, she going to college on scholarships, how can I say no to that


Gas is so expensive on Hawaii, might wanna push her into getting a moped? Man, I’m anxiously awaiting when my son turns 16…

Usually with my daughter it’s “HOLY SHIT LOOK HOW MUCH THAT COSTS GOD NO”

And then I cave in and get her whatever she wants anyway


Yes that was the Hawaii for college part,ouch

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I mentioned the scooter and that was a flat no lol

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Drum brakes look good so far. No wear on the cover either.

Ran my fingers up and down looking for any grooves. Found none.

Almost, every single line was cut, which no biggie just gonna be extra work and a new experience. Only 1 line was left, which is the left side brake line. I hope its still good. Gotta change fluid too. Gonna be an easy Saturday-Sunday job lol.

Went from steering rack, to brakes, tie rods and now my rear diff.


You get an old truck or something?

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09 GMC Sierra 1500. 5.3l V8


I’m surprised something that new has rear drums


I was too and so was my mechanic and a few friends. I was gonna swap em with the current ones on my truck but they look fine so probably not. I don’t wanna deal with drum brakes.

Even the Toyota Tacoma came with drum brakes in 2021. Haven’t looked at them since, but maybe they still do. That 09 1500 with the 5.3 is a good truck, I don’t want one, but it is still a good truck.


Really? I have a 5th gen 4 runner and it has discs all the way around. I always assumed that the newer Tacoma’s would be the same.

Edit: just looked it up and you are correct. They are swapping to all discs on the 2024 models


It also has bad o2 sensors and bad tire monitors. Those I plan on fixing after my diff just to get rid of the codes

I’m a GM fanboy. Saw it on FB marketplace and it was too good to pass up…