CAPNA Ethos 6 general discussion

are you going for a spinny one instead?

We are scaling past the capacity of an ethos 6, for those who are asking.

Just doesn’t meet my production goals. Not large enough.

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People who go with a CUP15 are fools in my opinion. Enjoy replacing those lenticular filters every day or 2 :rofl: They fooled ya into a pay-per-use model scheme. Avoiding lipid co-extraction from the get go is the way to go.


Are you going with the atles or whatever its called?

Nope. I’m not really at liberty to disclose what I’m going with… I’ll be updating some photos on my Instagram as the buildout occurs in a 2 months or so.
Planning for a minimum of 1 ton biomass per day.
Only a few manufacturers/fabricators make units able to process that much, easily.


where are you sourcing the thermo-nuclear reactor required to get your solvent back?

assuming gas fired, my math says you’re looking at almost 3x106 BTU on the hot side.

how about cooling? water? or 10tons of chiller running constantly?


I’ve got some connections for a small amount of lightly irradiated plutonium, and am designing a small ‘research’ reactor with the coolant functioning as a steam generator for our FFE :joy::skull::kissing_smiling_eyes:
Will also be irradiating myself, after injecting nantes into my blood stream; along with naming my future first born Brucie#2. Hoping to make a hulk…

See, now you’ve got the NSA/DoD on my ass, why did you have to foil my plans…

Lmao. Seriously though, were just using electric steam generators powering a FFE running 24/7… only extracting for half the day. I’ve got a large amount of saturated solvent storage tanks for intermediate storage to run the FFE the rest of the time.


So on the order of 50kW steam generator x 16ish hrs?

For ~1000gal => vapor.

Then raising the temp 10C on 20,000gal of water to get it back to into liquid form?!?

(Based on ~150 BTU to raise 1gal by 10oC)

Plus some Huberous or Jubalicous amount of “make it cold”??


What does something like this retail for?

~$105-115k OBO.

Why not just use a different filter? You don’t have to buy the filtration system from Delta. Or are you suggesting the ethanol warms up too much during the process and therefore extracts too many fats?

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I’ve spent alot if $ doing the research between these machines. CAPNA allows you to skip the winterization process. CUP literally makes you buy into a pay-per-use lenticular filter program lol. Only a silly niave person would get one of those filters.

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Yes, the CUP literally warms up too much. And extracts fats by nature of the apparatus’s agitation extraction method. It’s not a very good design. Maybe for the 2017 market it was. But no longer.


Good to know. I have been curious about the CAPNA systems. The look about right, but I doubt they can cool enough ethanol to be used to their maximum extraction rate as advertised (if you are cooling to a low temp). However a custom designed cold ethanol bulk storage system could easily solve that.

What are the temp parameters on a CAPNA? Have you seen one demoed? Hardware looks good? I would buy them off you but we aren’t far enough along in our operations plan to afford more extraction capacity. (Working in a CO2 lab right now).

Yessir. I have demo’d the exact units we have on the way, that I’m selling.

Extract/crude comes out as good as any other cold ethanol system can produce. I have pictures I’ll try to post soon.

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I swear it’s not my urine sample from my last drug test…

This was resulting from SHITTY trim.

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Went with Pinnacle instead eh? I did the same lol.

DEAD LOL :joy:


thats the price for both?

No? Call CAPNA and ask how much each is new…
That’s the price per each.

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