Cannabis will help avoid COVID-19

Smoke or dab enough, and you don’t go anywhere. HeeHee.

Seems like a good time to stop sharing.


I looked through his crap for sale on his web site and it is like a museum exhibit about bogus health products, including hemp oil pretending to be cbd.

Think about it like this. Coronavirus is just floating around everywhere in the air you breathe.

If you spend 50% of your day smoking week joints nonstop then you aren’t inhalling Corona air.

I’ll take those chances.


I think there is about 1 million infected in us already. No stopping this fucker now.


I think that Vitamin E Acetate must be involved, somehow!


Well said !

COVID-19 is acting like “The Purge”.

It is preferentially killing the elderly and the sick.

WARNING: Decidedly not PC statements follow.

Coronavirus is eliminating the people that require the largest percentage of society’s resources, but contribute the least, in return.

Folks with immune system problems are at significant risk of developing serious disease.

This disease might just suppress or eliminate a bunch of immune suppressing problems (think AIDS).

Sub-Saharan Africa is just now seeing Covid-19 spread. Considering that this area contains 69% of the world’s AIDS infections, there may be an unusually large fatality rate coming.

Considering that this disease is clearing away the “deadwood”, maybe the ultimate result will be a younger, better world.

BTW, I am over 60 years old, and I am hiding out. I have been a prepper, for a really long time. I am prepared for this.


Death rates are being manipulated, to keep people calm.

The numbers being used to report death rates are misleading. The WHO and CDC are using a reporting method that uses the total number of deaths, divided by the total number of cases (or some similar method). We are being quoted a death statistic of between 2.3-3.4%.

A proper statement of the lethality is much scarier. True lethality percentage is only available using the numbers of people that have gone completely through the disease, to conclusion. There are only 2 conclusions, you die, or you recover. The total number of sick people can not be used, because they are still sick, and there is no way to know their final resolutions, for sure.

Using the statistics from 3/12/2020, there were 4718 deaths and 68310 recovered. That adds up to a total of 73028 cases that have resolved. 4718 divided by 73028 equals 0.0646, or 6.5% died. In the United States the numbers were 38 dead and 8 recovered, so 46 cases resolved. 38 divided by 46 equals 0.82608, an 82.6% death rate. Italy has seen 827 deaths and 1045 recovered, so 1872 resolved cases. 827 divided by 1872 equals 0.44177, or 44.2% of their patients have died.

It is impossible to believe anyone, I guess.

Statistics can be manipulated…stay safe, be suspicious.


May I ask where you’re getting your information? I’d like to take a look myself.

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Stupid COVID-19 is affecting my weed supply.

Ohio is not a recreational state, so there are only 2 choices…

  1. Register for the medical MJ market, and thus immediately become legally banned from owning guns, plus you get to pay stupidly inflated prices…or
  2. You buy BM stuff from your local WeedMan, for a much better price…until now.

The local WeedMan prices have gone up, the product (flower) has gotten lower in quality, and scarcer in supply.

Hearing that local guys are seeing a serious run, just like the supermarkets. You take what they have at the moment, or you walk away empty-handed, and sometimes the shelves are just bare. CDC did say to make sure that you have a 30 day supply of medicine.

Nobody could have imagined that TEOTWAWKI would occur this way. Get ready for the new world order, and brush up on your Mandarin.

*TEOTWAWKI = The End Of The World As We Know It

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At the same time it’s also true that many cases of people recovering are undocumented because they never got sick enough to look for treatment to begin with. With as few tests as the US has given out, I don’t think our statistics are meaningful.


I had a package turn up from chine/ali express. You can smell the ipa on it, they’ve obviously been spraying everything.


The whole point is not COVID-19, nor the deaths, nor the survivors, not even how many are, or eventually will get, infected.

The thing that should be watched is the slow imposition of martial law across the entire world. Personal liberties are being brushed aside, and everyone is accepting it without question. Have you ever experienced a curfew? There are several places where they have been instituted. National Guard troops have been activated in some areas, expect to see armed military types.

Entire countries are isolating themselves, the world economy is grinding to a halt. Don’t go out, don’t gather in groups, plan to stay in your home for a prolonged period.

Don’t expect that things will ever be the same…We live in a changed world now.



That’s like 200 shits

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OK, so I am really worried now.

I did a dab, then I coughed a lot and it was really hard to breathe.


the cough was your lungs giving you a gentle nudge … saying that dab was way tooo small


Whether or not you get the virus is mostly an intelligence test.
I agree with the comments above that point out it is way too early to know the true mortality rate of this disease.
Then there is the question of what it will do to babies born of infected mothers.
All in all, when (if) this is over, the overall intelligence of the human race should go up.
Darwin rules.
Don’t be a dumbass…