Cannabis no longer schedule 1, Is this for reals!!!!


not yet…

now faces the scrutiny of both the Democrat-led House and Republican-controlled Senate.

In the House, the new legislation is likely to pass. The Senate, however, could be a different story.



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that’ll be the day

It’ll happen though. Let the West keep spreading, its just like the lottery. Your state doesn’t won’t to lose that tax money. You earn it in your state they hate seeing you spending at the nearby legal state


I would be extremely surprised if it made it through the senate. It is still a step in the right direction though!


5% federal tax on each sale, all the way through the supply chain, on top of state and local taxes.

Permanently securing cannabis as a regulated and controlled plant.

Poor people will still be punished with prison for cannabis not purchased through overtaxed “legal” channels.

Doesn’t sound like the right direction to me


Yeah. The scary part is if we go the way of big pharma and not alcohol and tobacco. Epilodex and a patent could mean big trouble for any hemp farmers.


I don’t think it’s perfect but it’s a lot better than it could have been and better than many scenarios I expected. They could have made it schedule 2 and handed it to pharmaceutical companies wholesale. They could also have come up with some awful regulatory scheme based on the least successful states and applied it to the whole nation. Completely descheduling it and giving full regulatory power to the states is a decent approach. Trying to appeal a local or state tax will always be easier than a federal one so at least it’s low and we can try and bring taxes down on the regional level which are generally higher anyway.

Believe me my dream was always that i’d be able to buy weed out of a loose bin at the farmers market alongside the basil. But I’ve passed the point where I thought that was a realistic expectation.


I need to research this

Although the market is all over the place right now and wall st is probably pissed, it’s going to end in legal battles between big pharma who wants it and wall st and other such investors who are currently invested in it. Mergers and selloffs should come about for those who are legit and the rest will be regulated into oblivion, I believe.

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5% at each step for “cannabis” sales.

So let’s say a farmer sells a kg of flower to the broker for $1000. $.05/ea or $50 total tax.

The broker sells that $1050 kg to the processor for $1150. $.057g or total $57.5 tax.

The processor turns that $1257.5kg into 100g of extract. Then sells it to the distributor for $15/g. $.75 tax on each, $75 on the whole.

Distributor sells it to the retail shop for $20g. That’s $1 tax on each. $100 more in taxes.

Retail sells em for $40g. $2 tax on each. $200 more in taxes.

$482.5 tax on each kilo, in that scenario, if you only factor in federal taxes. But that’s completely ignoring the compounding effect of the local and state taxes at each step…


Cocain Mitch will not let it out of the Senate.


Ahhh welcome to the US robbery system I mean govt system


Descheduling ≠ legalization.

Future is very right. Look to Canada for further explaination


Is it a VAT tax scheme??

Or a staggered?

I don’t believe this will pass right now, because it has the potential to be a hot topic in the election. Public support is significant, so it could be an issues that decides the next President. A 5% plus or minus with voters might be all it takes. If Trump carries the weed flag for this election, it’s a done deal. Biden called cannabis a “gateway drug” the other day in Vegas. That term is so outdated and has never been scientifically accepted. Biden is owned by pharma.


It has to pass the senate tho. With the current political climate in the US I don’t see this happening atm.

Not taking any sides, just stating the fact that Red & Blue are extremely divided.



I think it’s time to start planning…

Hmm. Sounds like it will give a lot of advantage to businesses that are vertically integrated.