Cannabis derived terps by the ml or L (checking interest)

Hey friends

I’ve got access to kilos upon kilos of single strain cannabis derived terps.

Just wondering market rate and interest on these?

They’d be shipping from Canada, so you’d need to be cool with that we well. Though I suppose without cannabinoids it’s not illegal :+1:

If there’s some real interest I’ll package up some samples for sale!


I was reading on here that anywhere from $20-$60/g was standard. Is anyone buying these right now? Does $40-50/g in small quantities sound about right?


I’ve paid $30 for 30ml (1 ounce). Seems reasonable if there is nothing special about them. i.e. not separated into individual terpenes, etc.

Id be in to checking some out, what minda variety and how are they made

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We purchase fresh frozen for terpene extraction, which generally yields around 3% with vacuum assisted steam distillation. The vendors we like charge between 180-250 per fresh frozen pound. Let’s go high end on both figures for numbers sake.

fresh frozen material:
$250 per pound
454 grams
compensated for water weight (75% loss) =113g useable flower
3% yield on 113g = 3.4g terpenes
$73.52 per gram.

Dry material (Nug):
$1600 LB
454 grams
3% yield = 13.62 g
$117.47 per gram.

These figures are based on the top shelf prices here in the Colorado Rec market. And of course the fact one can still extract this material for distillate is not factored into these costs.


its all going to come down to the manner in which they were extracted. pristine cannabis derived terpenes (clear, light to no color, full spectrum of plant) fetch more than the cannabinoids themselves, only because they came from the same location as the cannabinoids themselves! i personally think thats pretty entertaining.


Um, 75% loss? Maaaayyybe 50%, I’ve never seen more than that upon drying fresh frozen

75% is standard 1800g FF is 450 dry roughly . 50% …no way

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For the time being, ill stick with 100% hemp derived terps for $5 and under! There is too much of a margin…these hemp guys are gonna wipe you all out!


Psssshhhh, are y’all washing your buds before freezing or something?

I dunno dude…I’ve probably run 3-4000 lbs of fresh frozen…that 75% is pretty standard and doesn’t drift much in my experience. Maybe +/- 5% either way. 2-5% is average return on fresh frozen. That equates to 10-25% dry returns.

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I haven’t been fortunate enough to have a hemp terp that was even in the ballpark of some proper indoor fresh frozen OG :slight_smile: You’re right tho, the margins are brutal lol And honestly I hope you’re right about hemp blowing it up…would love to just be able to start buying hemp terps of the same quality


I guess the FF I’ve run is all whack then :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

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have you tried any from @qma? We kinda think the same about HTE. Its cool and all but its overrated.

Most of the people that tried the terps we have cant believe they didnt come from cannabis


I have not, I’ll be sure to shoot him a message and give them a shot :metal:t2:

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Didn’t say that at all, man. But if you’re only seeing a loss of 50% you’re the only extractor I know seeing those numbers. Your yields must be phenomenal.


for what its worth we also have a LOT of data supporting ~75% as well on fresh material


as a refrance
When Harvesting I have the option of selling it freshwet and delivered to buyer within 24 hours of harvest

Or dry it and sell it
My dry weight is always with a margin
Of 3% 20% of my wet weight

If delivery to buyer stall s I loose for in the first 24 hours it looses a lot of weight but it needs to be clipped so
Got to work fast think 75% is right


5-7% on that material, I was bummed honestly. Glad to hear that phenomenal

Yeah dude, 5-7 on fresh frozen is absolutely crushing :metal:t2:

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