Cannabis derived terpene's


I am looking into buying cannabis derived terpenes on the market. i am looking at blueriver right now but they are super expensive. Anyone know of any good clean cannabis derived terpene companies that are reasonable?


They are all expensive because of the low yield. Also, kind of shows the state of the industry right now that the highest marked up cannabis derived product doesn’t even contain cannabinoids.


True terps I love there strain profiles, exact! One drop almost to much for 1 g like they suggest, too much taste and I never thought I could say that! And I know what live monoterps taste like, so when I mean strong I mean smell the whole damn room up just when I bring the container out that it comes in, bottle in a bottle, lol strong! I love flavoring my Vapes , and I’ve only added to extracts a few times, most my live already blow your head with flavor, perfect for when they dry out after long time in mason jar!


May I ask about your preference for cannabis derived terpenes? Can you tell me more about that?

Gemstone essentials! Talk too Coleman.


I am seeking cannabis derived terpenes to fill cartridges. i am collecting my own terpenes right now but its just not enough


Do you require Cannabis derived terps? Chemically, the natural terpenes derived from non-cannabis sources are identical. There are so few terpenes in the cannabis that the extraction and collection are very inefficient and the end product is expensive. I would recommend looking into natural, non-canna terps.


I work closely with a company who produces cannabis terpenes at volume. We provide terps for various vape cart companies on the west coast. Shoot me a DM me for strian options and pricing.


@Labrat1987 Here’s your huckleberry!

One of the companies which you mention states “terpenes are highly odorant hydrocarbon molecules”, yet they offer a 100% odorless, 100% terpene extract diluent and refuse to state the constituents? The MSDS is of no comfort as well…Nice!

The processing community should be concerned as to why companies offering food grade terpenes are unwilling to state the constituents under the guise of proprietary blend of ingredients?


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: that doesn’t sound right

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Yeah I myself and tryin to find what"they"are doing, I’ve bought some of it to check it out,

I have bottle in my hands, by no means is it odorless to me, I almost smell a faint hint of the same terps in the OG profiles, but really really weak, do we have any idea about what we think this is , I’m talking about the diluent they offer for Vapes

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Just a guess triethyl citrate.
Here’s a good reddit debate with lots of links embedded in it. The only way to know for sure what’s actually in that bottle is lab analysis.


Yeah and that would cost thousands I’m sure if not more right

Not exactally. I would send it to a lab and ask them to run it against a few standards of what you think it could be. It will give you more or less yes or no answers. Your other option is testing yourself.

Give it a go and report back!

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Interesting, so basically I use everything in those directions and use the diluent for the ester, now I’m probably not the one capable knowledge to understand what I’m doing, but I can follow directions pretty good, if the original product keeps working great I’m gonna check into it bc it’s really pricey and right now I’m still in the test phases of even using it, so far I’ve gotten pretty decent results. My goal it to use some diamonds for my OTSS Tek and then add terps in end for flavor, hoping to get some really appealing look and majorly strong with strong flavor vapes.

Says I need to use distalites or winterized product… Would I have to winterize the washed Crystals from OTSS?I don’t have access to distalites but I do have buchner funnel now with various filter speed paper and 190 ever clear for winterization and for washing the stones I’m pulling now

No need to dewax crystals. Debcarb them gently under inert gas until they turn to d9 oil. Combine the oil with your terps. It doesn’t seem nessasery to dewax concentrates for vape pen formulation, after all some people use mct oil as a thinning agent. I think that notion comes from the fact that most resin contains particulate matter, when people winterized they saw better results in the vape pens. So it may not nessesarly be the the removal of the waxes that made it a desirable step. My experements with adding Dimonds to vape pens were pretty dissapointing, usually the mix will vape and leave the crystals behind.


Even if I melt then and add the diluent? Would winterizing help it then about not Crystallization,I figured cutting with viscosity from true terps then adding terps in the end would have a really thin mix, no?

The faint hint of the same terps in the OG profiles in the diluent is most likely from cross-contamination in the their processing equipment from prior batches?

Makes me wonder did I containimate it

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