Cannabis cup winners- what makes them special

Hey Guys,

I was going through cannabis cup winners and I was curious to to know the parameters/features of an award winning extracts. How are the judged and what protocol of evaluation exists? I want to compare my extracts with them but apart from purity, colour, terpenes and clarity I dont see much novel parameters of evaluation. I use heptane and hexane(cold) to create my extracts. I would love to know if solvent/method of extraction has an impact on cannabis cup winning extracts. I searched the forum and couldnt find any relevant info-hence the post. If its already discussed, I would gladly delete this post.


The thing that makes them special is that they paid to have the biggest booth.


:point_up: this is facts


Is it really like that now? Cause I don’t remember it being that way at all…

I certainly never had to buy a booth to compete in any of these cannabis competitions. And I’ve seen my teams place before, never first mind you - but still placing and the only cost beyond normal was transportation and extra testing of the batch.

That was a year or so ago though. Are things so different now? Is this only for cannabis cup stuff - or would you say its for all competitions?


There are/were tricks to winning cups. $ has a lot to do with it. Rolling bud in the kief from the same plant, paying off judges, biggest booth, etc.


There’s the reason their nickname was the “High Crimes Cannabis Cup”.


I like how some will offer you free shit, if you vote for their WHATEVER.
Kinda reminds me of the “$2000.00 thing”.


Money wins cannabis cups my friend. I’ve seen it every year they had it here in Colorado. No FUCKING way the GREEN SOLUTION won cannabis cups with that shitty ass custy PM covered weed


The cups were special to me… but I do feel they are more inclined towards the bigger “market” companies that have that bankroll.

I always wanted a cup to place in my entry way to fill with loose Joints. Had a bad day, come home, grab, and head to the back to relieve the stress.


@anon57681908 hey, fuck them cups. I changed my mind. :joy:


Most are bought and paid for, had a booth a few yrs ago and they guy who won was getting the orders ready before they even announced the winner. He paid for a few in a row


The cannabis space is so disappointing on a regular basis. I cant imagine actually working in it full time, giving it all your effort, for Chad’s with money to prevail with garbage weed.

I’m sure this sort of behavior would only get worse with federal legalization. Probably only going to get worse for quite some time as new markets open, existing ones expanding etc. Makes me happy to not be involved…

But if it’s a cannabis competition, its literally a dick swinging contest. No matter the application, a dick swinging contest is just that…a bunch of people standing around looking at a bunch of decorated egos oooing and ahhhhing. Y’all can have that circle jerk to yourselves.




The sponsor always wins. The truly best products usually hit 2nd, or 3rd. It’s sad but that is corporate for you. :man_shrugging:

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Working in Cannabis full time is soul crushing to say the least


lets not forget the peeps dusting their buds in THCA too; to boost the COAs; always heard they are rigged/setup


I imagine it can be. I do the cannabis because I believe its medicine and should be available to all. I knowingly cannot participate in the legal industry simply because of my belief system. If one sees cannabis simply as a commodity, then I’m sure the cannabis space is quite grand…


not even; working with cannabis and chemistry is very rewarding. that said; id still hate to be some tube packer; that would indeed be soul crushing.


I agree it is very rewarding at times. But knowing that most corporate entities are only worried about the bottom dollar is the hard part. I understand it is a business at the end of the day. My biggest problem is that almost all c suite people have no prior cannabis experience and act like they can run/operate a facility.


Oh trust I can empathize with you on that! I hate the cats who run cannabis companies but dont consume cannabis; usually a huge red flag for me!