CANN ACS Delta 8 THC panel


Is there a schaum’s version for people that can’t sit for an hour and watch?



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Most complex matrix = edibles for sure

Almost like someone made a play about the d8 discussions on this place and distilled out all the bs. Lots of truth in there. Worth a listen if you are into the hemp/d8 market


here’s a couple highlights I found interesting

KCA lab director Richard Sams on testing discrepancies

the point about IRS section 280e is definitely an interesting thought as well


Most complex matrix = edibles made with burnt to fuck converted crap with a side of more nasty synthetic crap


Investigation Cannabinoids in d8 products 210310.pdf (421.1 KB)

Pharmlabs sent me the follow-up to their initial report. Reading it I can see why none of the companies using them would share it like they did the first


Interesting document. :thinking:
They globally explain the issues in a clear way (although it get messy in part 3b)…
Adding a comparison with GC data would have in my opinion made it much clearer and straightforward.

I don’t know if they tried all what they could to improve the resolution of their HPLC method.
I haven’t tried thies myself yet. But their work suggest that GC is clearly superior to HPLC for the analysis of these samples. See below GC data using a rather “classical” method:


The main d8 isomer byproduct is indicated by the question mark (down to 4-5% with the TSA method, much higher with other methods…).
The two unknowns before this ? peak are also quite systematic of d8 samples (1.5% each).

Similar issues can be expected with analyses of semi-synthetic d9 (next episode ?).


The part about reverting back to d9 from a compliant sample is interesting, I wonder if it’s the same phenomenon that causes heat remediated CBD distillate to revert back to non-compliant when redistilled

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This last part about sample alteration with time, I think it is more discussible.

I believe going a bit reverse on d8 to d9 needs the catalyst to be still present, and some heat.
Also there can be questions regarding sample homogeneity.

What may happen to remediated CBD distillate turning back non compliant could likely be some CBD turning into d9. Still there seems to be at least two different forms of such remediated distillates on the market. One has hight CBN, the other is reacher in a unknown THC isomer (delta 7 ? ). Perhaps some other unknown can some reform d9 with heat. :thinking:

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Muahahahah chemically chained

I thought it was exo THC that reverted, but there’s a pretty good chance I’m wrong

This one is rarely higher than 0.5%, from what I’ve seen.