Can you and how would you extracted mites infested material


After sytemically treating yes… freind actually won a canabis cup with that clipping after I ditched it and moved on


I was asking that445guy


Powdery mildew is 100% not systemic


Dunno if anyone mentioned this but if you cut plants with spider mites and hang em, they will all travel to the base of the stem


I deleted my comment not sure why, but several nutrient deficiencies look like the internets examples of broad/russet mites, I once spent hours looking with a scope to ultimately conclude I was trying to fight ghost mites, the issue was an abundance of calcium which caused a lockout… I’ve since tested my plants to the limits to determine each nutrient deficiency and lockout so i never made the mistake again…

I have to disagree that PM is systemic, it’s more likely that its spore bearing and unless every square inch of the grow and all tools hoses etc are cleaned properly it will continue to come back, it’s also outside spring and fall, so continuous cleaning helps prevent it, for the best results a sulphur burner should be used, depending on the grow size, humidity level and burner height above the element it should be burned anywhere from once per cycle to 45 minutes a night, it will literally kill PM and it wont come back with proper application @ once per grow cycle it will prevent it from ever starting regardless of where it comes from…


Broad mites are a bitch, but usually are on the top tips of the plants. Sounds weird only being bottom branches


Run a sulphur burner in the room for a half hour if you want to eradicate the pm. But you need good ventilation. Broad mites are hard to treat without man made chemicals. Captain jacks works though and I’ve started using Castille oil with on drop peppermint oil added and it keeps shit clean.


Also pyrethrum works on most canbabis pests, and potassium silicate is a good preventative nutrient.


Sulphur has ridded pm for me in the past 100%

Im pretty sure taxonomically speaking pm is not systemic but it can be a pita to get rid of


just to clear things up lol


Honestly yes powdery mildew sucks but I live in Michigan where the air is 80% humidity and 20% powdery mildew spores. All you can do is manage it if your growing outdoors in these conditions. Everyone acts like powdery is so bad when they’re breathing it in all day every day.


No the plant hadn’t been treated but the cutting was clean. I sprayed with h2o2 and cloned it in a 1pint pot 2/3 full of an organic soil mix and then cover the plant with the bottom 2/3 of a 2 liter bottle. Misted it with 1/2% h2o2 as needed for humidity and went about my marry way.


I’ve never had an issue with pm outdoors here, I just see it all over pumpkin and bean fields though.


The dude says he seen them with a scope. This guys not a concentrates guy. He’s a pretty proficient grower.

Now that everyone started being up powdery mildew. This is a problem I personally see and turn down a shit ton of material because. Just today I had an opportunity at some super cheap material that looked to have PM. On not properly dried and cured material??

Is there a way to hydrocarbon extract this type of material safely. I always thought this had to be done with alcohol and filtered down to .5micron.

If you guys have a suggestion. This could help me get material more consistently.


If it’s more PM than frost I would say keep passing it up… I’m sure theres a filtration method, and the old high school saying of it doesnt get extracted only the thc does, but spores are very small…I would say the trick is to kill it before it gets to the concentration part… or prevent it before it starts…


Run it through organic cotton, just a guess tho


I’ve ran some dank shit with botrytis in it, and it tasted the same as another jar of the same strain that was clean.


Cotton in cotton out … shhhhhh


Yea it’s good as long as you smoke it before the spores repopulate lmfao jk
I dunno, you could probably filter it, but the spores are tiny maybe this is a job for the cRc!
Call it the CPMRC
Maybe the question is, is PM butane soluble?
But the real question is why risk it?


Learn something new everyday…it was like 2015 2016 when I was battling it… everything I could find at that time led me to beleive it was systemic… i tryed all the tricks… infuse fixed it and I recomended it to people and it worked for them also… one thing I learned a while back is this business changes daily and we are cosyantly learning new shit… thanks for the refresher… hope o don’t need it…lol