Can you and how would you extracted mites infested material


I have 2 clients who have been battling PM for a while now. I refuse to go over to their grow, or allow them in my car to meet up for clones.

They/I am at a loss to help them.


Powdery mildew spores are literally everywhere, unless your grow is run like a semiconductor manufacturer it’s in the air around your plants right now. Lack of air circulation through the canopy, or insufficient air exchange rate for the grow environment are almost always the culprit in my expierience. Spray everything (ducts, lights, walls, ceilings, floors, especially fans and fan blades, and plants) down in the room with a 3% H2O2, change all supply air filters, after fifteen minutes rinse the plants off and start a dehumidifier, and increase the airflow through the canopy. When the humidity drops below 40% turn off the dehumidifier and maintain the air circulation, should solve the problem.


Filtration filtration filtration get down and get every bacteria and contaminants out!


I’ve been using uvc light filter boxes in my garden.


This is such a great thread. I asked for mites. To find out it’s broad mites he’s battling on the lowers of his plants that are still alive.

You have all covered PM and other problems. This has turned in to a great conversation and thanks for all the information so far! Looking forward the direction this thread goes


Bonide makes a systemic flush called infuse…that works wonders in veg and keeps it away thru flower… might have to apply more then once but 2 times max…also gives you a nice breather to work out the real problem… cheap and works… seen it work multiple times for people… not really organic but fuck pwm…


Will pass this along to my buddy. Foliar or root drench?


Avid or forbid foliar is about your buddies best best. Ambectin. Wipe out has ambectin in it as well.


Kinda like my ex… goes both ways…


A few years back I lost a battle with mites. I did however run a few lbs of mite infested material in the process, and it came out fine. I didn’t get it tested or anything, so I’m pretty sure some levels of mite shit made it though but it was not detectable to my nose or taste. Smoking the bud was awful, it would crackle and pop and tasted like shit. The concentrates dabbed fine and tasted as they did before I had mites.

I wasn’t running much filtration at all, just a 50 micron filter at the end


Ewwwweewwweeeeeeeee!!! Cracklin…


Those critters suck! Although not as much as russet mites. They are a little harder to kill…and really hard to locate on the plant.

Does he have pictures? Cause if he thought it was spider mites, that suggests he saw critters?

Most never see broad mites…which is why labs will take your money and test for TMV

Russets achieve very high concentration


ugh the memories are flooding back of those sad sad times.

I battled them for about 6 months, I got them like 90% gone then they would be back in a few days, webs everywhere. I eventually just said fuck it and killed everything and stopped growing for a year, sprayed bleach on every surface of the room that I could get to. Since starting back up 3 years ago I’ve been mite free thankfully.


predatory mites work wonders to control/eliminate infestations. Lady bugs do a fine job as well.


can_use_pesticide.pdf (1.4 MB)
cannot_use_pesticide.pdf (1.4 MB)

Systemic fungicides should not be used in any food product. The fungicide you mentioned has a 90-day half life. Even if you use it in veg it is going to show up in your concentrate and cause neurological issues. The only fungicides that are approved for cannabis use due to the fact that we concentrate this stuff are other plant oils and a few bacterial species that have been developed for the purpose.
And powdery mildew is systemic. It has tiny little claws that dig into the plant tissue and you cannot eradicate it with anything but a systemic pesticide. It simply can’t be washed off 100%. That being said if we filter our product, our concentrates, it shouldn’t be in the end product. But if you use those systemic fungicides I guarantee you are concentrating those into the final product. And therefore those are much more dangerous than the powdery mildew you were fighting in the first place.
And no I’m not a scientist but I read all the damn articles about this stuff like a religion.


I would be interested to see any resources you could cite showing powdery mildew is systemic



Specialized absorption cells, termed haustoria , extend into the plant epidermal cells to obtain nutrition. While most powdery mildew fungi produce epiphytic mycelium, a few genera produce hyphae that are within the leaf tissue; this is known as endophytic growth.



I’m not so certain that absorption of some nutrients and PM’s ability to Velcro itself with hook like roots necessarily classifies pm as a systemic infection but it is most certainly some nasty shit and i appreciate you posting that link


I agree, I’ve personally taken clones from plants with pm and not had it re-appear


I agree that pwm is systemic… that’s why only systemic products actually wipe it out when it has set in…


Did you take cuts after it appeared