Can we keep echo chamber off the top page/make a filter?

To limit the amount of nonsense coming through here on future4200, I want to suggest a filter that can remove the Echo Chamber off a user’s main feed. Because I don’t wanna see butthole boards all the time. As amusing as it is, there are days more so than not where I wanna just see the newest topics without seeing any Echo Chamber posts. I just scroll through the main site. I know there’s a filter for the top and newest posts but I don’t want to see Echo Chamber period on some days. …

Maybe make a filter setting on the user setting to be able to filter out what pages you don’t want to see. Or put it on the main page “your selections” and have the threads thst most interest a user being displayed.

Just sayin’


You can already block the echo chamber for yourself so you never have to see it



post cant be empty so i will type until im tired of typing.


Go to Echo Chamber - Future4200 and find the bell icon

Change to muted. It is important you do this in the category, vs each thread if your goal is to block the entire category. Some might also wish to do this for ‘sales’ categories.


There should be a filter in that box that gives you “your categories” and then you can see what you only wanna see and be able to switch back to everything when you wanna see the full home page with nothing blocked.

I remembered the blocking feature from the user settings and meant to delete that part from the post.

It would be more personalized then just blocking a category and it would make it so you don’t have to go to your settings when you want to see said category.

Then for people who only wanna see what they wanna see they can have the home page default to “your categories”

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