Can this crude be saved?

What’s up hashers and hashettes,

Just want to start by saying how much I appreciate the OG’s here. I have spent 5+ hours a day on this site trying to refine this craft and it wouldn’t be possible without all the valuable info contributed by the 20 or so frequent flyers.

Anyway… Purchased this crude at a stellar price because it was left over from last harvest. Ethanol extracted and “winterized/Decarbed”. As you can tell, it could be much better but money talks.

My question: What can be done to make this into to something worth putting through the Short Path? Looking for suggestions in the way of washing. Starting to become familiar with Carbon and other filtration media. Even a point in the direction of a good SOP would be extremely helpful. Planning on getting my GLG membership next week, so I assume I can source something there.

Sorry if this is far too basic but we all start somewhere. Thanks guys!

Depends what your goals are.

Given that it appears to be crystallizing, I’m guessing it’s CBD. If you’re aiming at isolate rather than “looks good in pens” you could probably just confirm decarb and go.

Might need to winterize again too…trusting the last guy is always a risky proposition.


Search these
Carbon scrubing

Thanks for the quick reply. Sorry should’ve clarified it’s 72.4%CBD. Aiming for cart use but will put in tincture/gummy if it makes more sense.

I was definitely going to winterize because trusting the last guy is exactly what I’m not going to do. Any recommendations to make the winterization more effective?

Yup. Been waist deep in those searches and still trying to wrap my head around all of the tek. So many different medias/methods/timing. Can you point me in the direction of a Wash for Dummies sop?! lol

Do you have a solution to prevent crystallization in the cart (one that doesn’t involve vitamin e acetate)?


Well my advise would be
1:10 in ethanol or my favorite methanol
In a freezer for -20 c 2 days
Freezing all equipment used to filter the fats
Hot carbon scrub 5% by weight of oil at 80 C for 30 min
Decarboxilate in oven at 140 C around 45/60 min untill al bubbles seice
Short path


Would never put anything other than cannabis in a cart. So No, still searching for that SOP. lol

Have been using polished C02 crude but wouldn’t be opposed to a few crystalized carts for personal use for the price of this if I can get it to shortpath worthy.

Always great input!


Took your advice and used this material as crude for our first SPD run.

ReWinterized 1:10 48hr & 24hr @-40C.
Hot Carbon Scrub
Decarb on hot plate
One long day on the SPD…

Ended up with this-

I would say we were successful but my curiosity comes from the COA we got back… Starting crude was 72%CBD 6%THC no minors. This is material now:

Obviously we found a fraction, but lost CBD %? We will evenutally need this to be compliant so any input for our second pass is welcome!


saw you already finished the material but thought I’d share that for knowledge’ sake. I imagine the difference in COAs is because of the very wide testing parameters labs are able to use since there is no national standard, or even state standard in most states. It’s sad to say but more than enough labs have been found to skew results toward a satisfactory COA for the customer. It’s not like they’re outright lying, but of course as a business, with the wide variety of testing parameters available for their use, would they choose the most accurate parameters if it were losing them business?

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Wow 10% is superrrrr high thc! The fact you lost cbd means you messed up your temperatures or started or stopped pulling to early


Defintely too high to do anything with but it taught us a ton about the Shortpath. and I will say, it smokes well for R+D Purposes…

I think the issue is that all of the SOP/Guidance I have used is for THC distillation.

Have any input on temp ranges for CBD?

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20 liter system? Should be in 40-75 microns during the main body,

Should hitting tour mains at 150-155 and finishing up at 170.

Vapor temp hitting 135ish means ur pumping

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5L but that right there shows me what went wrong. 100 Micron and 165-75 was where we switched and 140 on vapor.

I should be able to pull deeper vac and quicker fractions second pass correct?

ya But vac depth makes u have to do it hotter. 140 is fine. Those temps are that far off. Rly gotta Make sure ur not pulling heads or tails.


check your filter cake for lost cbd.

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