Can someone post a premium vape juice recipe without dimulsifier ***help***

Hey all , so I recently started vaping THC,wow the flavor, but I got some from medical places ooomy, can someone get me good recipe that may be achieved with things I have and not using dimulsifier, if there’s a such thing as cheap homogenizer or whatever I need to do vg pg ,I have 70/30 at my means, with live resin sauce, I can get terps there, I can get washed THCa crystals…is there anything I can do to get close to that

I’m trying to figure out distilling, I bought cheap 24/40 I know probably not the best, a friend here pointed me that way, but now we need good thread for the common Man, bc if you will dumb down the lingo and the steps, I know I can follow.

Thanks all, the place has been true blessing, I’ve already seen the LoVE spread in so many ways! Thanks all


Have you considered MCT ?Homegenizer

What’s MCT and homogenizer…I may have spelled wrong sorry

Your link is to a fitting

Hell for me it’s the pentane I posted last lol


After I read that I started researching earlier, this vape stuff has me scared especially pg and that stuff about coconut… But I guess ppl gonna have bad things to say about anything, did this have taste? I want unflavored, want it to taste like OC pharm pen or some the loaded carts I’ve gotten before, I’m getting pretty close w my live sauce and wax liquidizer, but who knows what in that,I know it’s not what they do, I understand most do fractional distillates I don’t have that option at moment but in near future, most I have at moment gas live sauce, only thing I don’t like about ones I been making they don’t turn up near as hot as the ones I get loaded, mine I have to play the button on and off or taste burnt

Here’s a method for processing BHO and VG for vape juice, CAT X1000 Homogenizer…

CAT X1000 Homogenizer


$5 says your wax liquidizer is MCT.

If you have terp sauce from making diamonds, you have your cutting agent.


Yeah that looks super bad ass, but this is more for my personal at home and maybe my wife uses no more than a friend or two, I was looking at some magnetic stirrers actually buying one or a Vortex lab grade called The Vortex Genie 2, is there any other way I could get a stir like the one you showed me that’s affordable or maybe used… Or is one of the ones I said able to do this,

So is a VG PG mix the best option, only tiny amount and mainly terps for the cutting agent along getting thc crystals

Ok so what recipe do I use when making Terps as the cutting agent ,I have thca crystals washed, not tons of Terps but I have some Terps, more live sauce than anything, but no VG or pg? How do I blend so stays beautiful clear golden

were you using BHO and store bought terps eg

the “recipe” is still only approximate.


Mix Pure with extract at 0.1 mL-0.5 mL : 1 g extract. 18 drops of "Pure" is equivalent to about 0.5 mL. 
Stir under 120°F until the extract dissolves. 
Once completely mixed, inject into application.

Key Notes**

0.1 mL : 1 g of concentrate is perfect for concentrates that are a honey / syrup consistency at room temperature. 
0.5 mL : 1 g of concentrate is perfect for concentrates that are completely solidified at room temperature.

That’s a range of 10% to 50% diluent!

Take your extract, and your “sauce”, and combine till you get the viscosity you want. We don’t know the viscosity of ANY of your starting materials, so there is no way we can give you an exact recipe.

Using a real homogenizer will help if you’re doing this for more than personal meds.


Ok would magnectic stirrer or voretx genie 2 help if I can’t afford homogenizer, can’t seem to find one um cheap all 750 and crazy prices I was thinking maybe 300. if makes that big difference I’d buy something used, what’s cheapest thing I can get…

And the drops are VG/pgmix I have 70/30

I don’t live where I can buy real terps, the things they sell here taste nothing like someone told me, I usually get terps here lately from my sauce bc so runny, helps me get terps and gives that perfect wet crystals look once some separates or drains after nucleation… I’m looking into fractional distalites,I was told by trusted member here the cheapest Chinese ones would get me started to learn on, kinda like the glass tube I started with on bho, now Just CLS and CC small batch. I love em.

I really wanna see the mix work with just decent stirrings,I understand better stirred makes more even and stronger

Which of those ratios do you feel gets your closest to those strong ass carts and pens they sell out west, oc pharm and such

Not a fan of disposable anything. Won’t buy carts on principle. Have avoided making them for years. Will probably have to go there soon.

if you’re going for potency, then distillate + sauce. or distillate + store bought terps.

one can buy terps off the internet from anywhere with cellphone coverage. you clearly have internet, so I’m gonna have to call bullshit on “I don’t live where I can buy real terps”.

I suspect the problem is more one of “I don’t know which source of store bought terps to use”. That might be a reasonable question to ask. I don’t use them, so I can’t point you at a reputable source.

given that you seem to have a source of low viscosity, high terpene content extract, you should just start playing.

1 gram “extract” of you choice, + 0.1 to 0.5g of the highest terp, lowest viscosity you’ve got. Does it work in a cart? Does it taste good? get it tested and see if you like the numbers.


I question the safety of MCTs. Propylene glycol is probably safer. Time will tell.


that sounds like a opener for one of my favourite rants. :slight_smile:

it starts with “huffing your meds is stupid”.

it ends by suggesting suppositories are a better idea.

paraphrased: You want safety? Stick it up your ass!

Edit: usually delivered while huffing meds


I’ve ditched the wax liquidizer and I’m going to try a VG PG mix next until I can get a bunch of terpenes gathered up

your call.

but imo you’d be better off using the low viscosity sauce that you already have than adding adulterants like propylene glycol or glycerine and then having to stir the living fuck out of it to get things to stay emulsified.