Can a cmep run 1/2” or should I just go passive?

This system comes stock with 1/2” everything. Can I hook a cmep to this system without modifying it? Should I just run passively instead??

Why couldn’t you? More bigger mo better


Soo you’re going to “run” this system and you don’t know if you can adapt a 1/2” line to a 3/8” fitting?


I’m hoping he’s asking if the cmep can actually make use of those half inch lines, or if to take advantage of their size he’d be better off running passive.

If you decide to go passive, I hope you’ve got adequate heating and cooling circulation to keep up.


Obviously I know I can adapt a 1/2 line to al 3/8 line. What I’m wondering is if the pump can handle 1/2 inch lines?


This is exactly what I want to know. I don’t know a whole lot about passive as I’ve never ran passive before but I’m pretty confident in being able to pick it up. What kind of circulation am I looking at exactly?? Multiple chillers??

A cmep will work.
Passive is going to cost ya more. Like alot more.
If i recall the lines hard lined on the pump itself a 3/8 but i may be wrong. But half in lines wont cause any issue and might help speed but not much if the hardlines on the pump are 3/8.


To run or to buy? The buying part I’m not worried about. I’d prefer not to spend tons operating tho

How big is that column and collection. Collection looks like a 12x24 or 36

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Is only the bottom of that collection pot jacketed and not the pot itself?

I can’t remmeber the size of the collection. I could dig it up. The columns are 4x48”

Well it looks bigger in the pic so im trippin then.
You could run that passive. Probably more effectively then active if your set up is good.
@Dred_pirate is the resident passive master. Im sure he’ll chime in fir advice when he sees this.
I thought your system was larger. Chillers for this shouldnt be as bad as i was thinking.
One thing i know for sure is you would want that entire collection pot jacketed and not just the platter. As it is in that pic i think you will have a hard time running passive.
That kinked hose in their pic lol. :laughing:
So as you can see half in hoses kink easy. Kinked hoses can leak. Just a heads up. So just know that youll have to keep an eye on that area. I recommend putting L adapters so the hoses dont point straight up

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Where do you see the kinked hose? I would only need it fully jacketed if I decided to go passive correct?

And the base is 10”x24” btw. Including the base.

Is this a px1, also what size/type of solvent tank do you have with this unit?

I guess it could be a version of the px1 although I’m not totally up to date with all the types of extractors out there so I’m not 100% certain on that. I don’t have the specs handy. I’ll shoot you the exact size in a bit. In the meantime here is a picture for reference.

Ps. If this thing is stupid let me know now lol

why will it cost a lot more ??

Passive all the way, the CMEP will slow you down if your doing passive right. And passive is NOT expensive, get a insta hot water heater and a condensing coil and you will be rocking.

Our new system will be passive and we can do 10lbs of solvent a minute. No expensive pumps.


What is the insta hot water heater for? What about a chiller/heater? How big and how cold of a chiller do I need?

And if I do keep it passive I should just keep all lines 1/2” the. Rather than converting the recovery lines to 3/8”??

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