Cake pop assistance , tips and info please and thank you

hey everyone!

im looking into adding a few more small batch items to our current edible menu. right now were only making pectin edibles, while they taste great and reviews are awesome demand is eh. i need some more products to keep my staff busy!

im looking into making small batches of cake pops, and using our own site vynll printer to make some temporary packaging for them. i have not seen any sop’s regarding the production of this product using distillate and was curious if anyone here had experience with the subject personally and could shed some insight on where to start.

the goal is to create 6 flavors of the pops, dosed at 200mg’s using distillate.

looking for info regarding how to or when to add the distillate into the mix, any tips on what to look out for as far as potential issues or complications , as well as how i can extend the shelf life of the final product.

thanks for your time beforehand !

Everything depends on how they are tested and the need for accurate dosage. If everything needs to be medicated and accurate, then this is what you need to do. Also do you want a uniform cake ball, or are you making a ball of cake pieces stuck together with frosting.

As for 6 flavors, I would suggest a chocolate, white cake, cookies and cream, edible cookie dough, strawberry shortcake, and carrot cake.


run a few unmedicated test batches to get your desired recipe and yield on the cake pops first making sure each pop is identical in weight/portion size, then dose either the fat used in the cake recipe or the frosting itself


i think it cut off what ever link you attempted to leafe. it says this is what you need to do but has no instructions haha ! i want a uniform ball as well.

those are good flavor suggestions !

It was a lot of work to type out instructions on how to make a cake pop and I got lazy since I don’t know how your place tests. I agree with Hashtasticvoyage, learn how to make some good cake pops unmedicated, just google cake recipes, get a cake pop maker, and watch youtube videos. Then once your recipes are ready, decide what ingredients your going to infuse, and make a calculator using the whole recipe so you can easily dose it. Then combine the calculator and your SOP for making cake pops to make the medicated cake pops and hope you pass testing and if you don’t adjust the SOP and calculator.


when you say the “fat” what would that be referencing

the butter


Or oil

Depending on the recipe and “fat” required.


ok so i wouldnt mix straight dist in at any point. instead i want to dose my butter or oil beforehand to the desired thc level ?

correct sir, # of cake pops x mg of disty per cake pop / disty potency = mix that into the butter then into the batter. boom. that’ll be easier than getting the exact same amount of frosting on each one. weigh the cake pops as you make them so they are the same.


No dumb questions. However that one is fairly naive.

You should read more…


ive been reading and watching plenty of youtube. i do 75k - 150k gummies and its more simple over there we just pour disty in and mix. just trying to learn new things and have an easier time doing so through back and forth dialogue where i can pick peoples brains in real time.

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its distillate not flower i didn’t realize i wouldn’t be able to simply add at some point throughout the process.

Mix the distillate into melted butter, use that for your recipe

It is literally that simple


You want it spread evenly.

Homogeneity is a requirement if you’re playing in the regulated market. See: How do you Homogenize? and others

You can’t achieve that just by hiffing a wad of disty in there…you can get closer playing that game with gummies, because you’re so much hotter (lower disty viscosity) when you hiff it in.


How do you Homogenize? Is a starting point…don’t neglect the threads linked beneath the first post…


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Mixing your disty into a carrier oil will do worlds for your homogeneity. If you’re just dumping into your gummy mix you almost certainly have hot spots