C18 silica

I need 1kg immediately. Who is a legit vendor of this material or has a large stock they can spare 1kg of? DM please. Thank you

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Dm me

I have 1kg of something that’s not only cheaper per kilo, it uses less solvent, gives a better seperation and can be reused thousands of times, not hundreds.


How much? I’d like to know more pls?

Single kilos go for 1600. Discounts on 10+ and 100+. It’s a synthetic resin we’ve developed specifically for remediation. You can text or call me if you’d like to chat. 5208403746.

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Whats it called

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GRM-ND remediation media

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I can send out samples for anyone interested just dm me. You’ll need a very small column for manual or a small flash cartridge for a flash system as the samples won’t be huge.


I’d be interested in a sample.

Direct Message me! got a few samples going out in the morning.

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i got c18 shipped for 1500 a kg always and forever. DM me if you wanna work together


Killa coming in clutch with the cheapest c18 I’ve seen yet!

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im buying 10kg to keep in stock and hopefully once i get to like 20kg the price can go down a little. I just pass that to the customer. I dont need to make more margins


noticed that 520 number you from Tucson originally?

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It’s a G ($1000) and that’s after it’s taxed 100%
So you can get it for less, like a lot less.

I know I can’t. But you get b80 cheaper than me too :thinking:. Guess maybe you should selll both cheaper. Let just break this down what your saying. Your saying your selling it at $1000 a kg and thats marked up 100% so your paying $500.

So, i have 10kg c18 in transit along with 2 metric tons of silica from the same supplier and the price was way above $500 a kg. Its nearly what you say your selling it for…and thats buying 10kg along with 2 metric tons of silica.

So are you selling c18 for a $1000 a kg? I’ll take one to see. Send me an invoice! You have my email. I need here Monday. Cool?

I am curious though… You say your paying $500 but your selling it for $1800 on your website??? Thats a 360% Margin! Just wondering why you need such a high margin if your only paying $500. Currently im sourcing all my c18 from Carbon Chemistry making 8-10% after shipping and cc fees. If my clients cant allow me to make 8-10% on a sale. Then i dont need to sell it. That is normal business margins. BUT 360% margins Whats up bro??? Why so expensive if your paying sooo cheap!!!



I am.

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NEITHER. While, for one, I didnt name any suppliler i am simply informing the customer base on future4200.
While you may be actively promoting and selling outdated tech and products…
I’m already way ahead of all this.
I also did not make a request to drive sales to me or offer a sale. Nor did i use indofab name or carbon.

If you want to know what I am doing, its producing rare cannabinoids at 99%, product formulation, t remediation, clinical studies that involve API, and patent protected equipment and processes.

And by the way, you and no one else that has become a profiteer off adsorbents has spend one single penny on r&d for safety for efficacy. SO wanna be a responsible member of the community? Maybe you should put some of your easily earned money (since you havent innovated one thing other than making money off people for only increasing the potential harm since you have no clue what youre actually doing). Any donation or even the idea or thought or support towards any innovation or like i said most importantly, SOME SAFTEY TESTS, HAVE YOU EVEN SENT SAMPLES FOR TESTING any of the products you sell?
So please man, spare me of your nonsense on this forum that is only intended and directed to make you money.

I really dont need words, my actions speak louder. And when you can invest some time and capital towards bettering the community…and the thing is, you do a great job of customer support, you do a great job packing up supplies to you customers, i sincerely mean that and see it.
SO why would you want to get so arrogant? why do you want people that innovate and literally provide you the ability to pick low hanging fruit and make money off it…to be irritated by you? you really think youre going to get an offer for sales or add to your website so you can make money on the next waves when you act like that? Theres a lot of shitty money hungry people in this industry that will do just about anything.

Its important to be different from that. You think controversy and having your peers like idk who that is but maybe xtractor depot or whoever?? usalabs? idk be upset or indifferent with you means youre “being successful” and making impacts?

Come on man. You get upset when i show a consumer waht they really can pay? isnt that your whole business model? Sell cheap shit you know nothing about for even just slightly cheaper than anyone else? Now you wanna try to roast a whole company that gave you a way to make money? Brilliant.

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using c-18 for T remediation is like using a 500ml short path for distillate. That may even be too generous of an analogy. I understand some people may still need to do that, or are doing it as a hobby or for personal use and that’s great.
Do you search for new sorbents? Do you conduct r&d? Do you even know what a color is? Why do we see color? What gives something a color or not? Why are you using color as a means to determine quality in a product? There’s more you can be doing…than just sellilng other peoples shit and being arrogant about that.

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