C18 replacement remediation and separation media

We have sent out over twenty samples, I know @Rowan has had a significant amount of time to play with it, @thesk8nmidget was recently testing it as well. plenty of other people have gotten samples but haven’t had time to try them out. I have plenty of lab data and COAs to share, @Remedy came by for a demo as well and we remediated a test batch for him with the media as well. If there’s any way I can be of assistance let me know!


I can also vouch for the sample media I received from @GreenMachine_Consult

Ran 200 grams through the media following the SOPs…it was definitely effective per the in-house analytics we ran on each fraction… wish I had more time to play with and dial in but I’m hooked on conversions

I would suggest these guys for anything necessitating thorough technical support as they always go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction


I can confirm this media has a lot of potential. I have only done two runs with it and have only had time to really look at the results where we collected 15 fractions and there is clear separation of CBD and THC.

We run c18 columns for remediation but plan to make the switch as soon as I can spend more time dialing in this media for our process.

Also I have nothing but good things to say about GRM and the support they provide!


We are interested in this media. Do you have more info

This thread has been awesome! I’ve been searching for days trying to find better info regarding d9 remedies. This looks very promising! @GreenMachine_Consult I would love to chat for a few minutes. I keep seeing you dropping bread crumbs all over the forum haha :smile:


Hi everyone!
I apologize in advance, I don’t speak English very well and I’m using translation software. And since I don’t speak English very well, I didn’t understand everything.
I’m asking about column chromatography for the separation of cbd, delta8thc, and delta9thc. From what I understand, C18 sillice gel can be used almost endlessly (or only 200 times maximum I didn’t quite understand) as long as no acid products are used, right? So it would be possible to use C18 gel more than 200 times if I only use it to separate cannabinoids dissolved in ethanol?
And so your replacement for C18 would be very useful for someone who wants to separate acid products, but wouldn’t necessarily be useful for the use I described above, is that right?
I must look like an idiot, especially as the translation of my software must not be very good :sweat_smile:
Thank you and have a nice day!

whatever translation software your using is pretty decent.

typical standard c18 is mostly stable within weak acidic conditions; however that said at pH values below 2, the backbone of the octadecyl chains starts to dissolve and you will ruin your media in short order. However Id be more concerned about higher pHs and alkaline conditions as the thresholds for the hydrolyzation and degradation of the siloxane bonds are much lower and easy to exceed.

That said you can get engineered columns that are intended to operate outside the standard ph ranges if thats your speed; they are big big money tho!

You should have no problems doing a bunch of separations and running a large volume of product through a column, just make sure your material is clean as possible and fully winterized as lipids will gunk up columns quickly which will reduce the life expectancy quickly.

C18 can be refreshed by flushing them with a strong solvent like methanol or acetonitrile, but they won’t last forever, they can last a while with the proper care and storage, never let them fully dry out once wetted, only store in super clean solvent!

hope this helps, best of luck

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Thank you very much! Indeed, you are helping me a lot. I have one last question, please. If I use isopropyl alcohol with a pH between 4.8 and 5.5 instead of ethanol as a solvent for my CBD/delta-9-THC distillate, would that be suitable?

Given that I need to separate 3167g of distillate and I have limited resources for now, I’m looking for the cheapest possible C18. Do you think I can find anything better than this? : https://french.alibaba.com/p-detail/SANPONT-60010796975.html?spm=a2700.shop_plgr.41413.2.59bd4b94GWGN1q

Check out pgc600m from purolite

I just looked it up, and I found a lot of documentation that I’m going to read, but nowhere to buy it or even mention the price, not even on the Purolite website. Is that normal?

Call purolite and ask for Greg, he can send samples and assist with methods

It works exceptionally well for thc/cbd seperation, and has a column life that puts c18 to shame

Great, thank you very much! Should I mention that you referred me ? Also, how much does it cost? Just so I don’t bother them for nothing…

I was quoted $1000/kg for quantities under 10kg

Once you go over 10kg, price was $600/kg

This was in 2021 so prices may have changed since then.

Okay, the same pricing as C18 in the end, but more cost-effective. Thank you very much, I’ll call as soon as I can, and if you know of anything even cheaper (though maybe less cost-effective in the long run, I’m still interested):wink: