BVV Issues. Buyers Beware

I just wanted to update everyone in the forums on issues ive been experiencing through BVV. So 4 days ago I order some semi time sensitive goods. (Nothing crazy. New recovery tank, and some fittings and filtration and gaskets). I purchased the items and the money went out of my account and I thought everything would be fine. Since it was ordered Monday during the night I thought there was a possibility it could be shipped Monday or Tuesday. Well those days came and went with nothing. Didn’t think too much of it. Wednesday goes by. Still not too worried. Thursday comes and goes and still my items have not even left BVV. So today I go in their (not very) live support. Give them my order number and explain my issue. I’m told the support member is going to see what’s wrong. An hour later of me waiting in the live chat and absolutely no reply. Nothing. Then after even longer I get a text. “Your order from BVV has been canceled”. I message the live support again at this time. There are already 4 unread messages from me spanning multiple hours. I ask when the refund will hit my bank account. Why I was not replied to. Still no response. Then I get a prompt saying the session has ended and “Adam” is closed and not available. Horrible customer service and ill no longer purchase goods from this store. I have screenshots from the entire dialogue as well as my purchase receipt. Now I am left to order from a different company and wait longer.

Has anyone else had similar BVV issues?

Sorry about your issues. We do have a resident cls parts dude here.



Yea, I’ve purchased through him before! My 1 micron sintered disc, filtration media and CRC is working great. I just didn’t see what I exactly needed on his site besides a few things and didn’t wanna split up orders. Shoulda done that.



Always shoot his ass a dm. I’m sure if he doesnt have it, he can source it or point you in the right direction.

Thanks for blasting BVV. It always helps out others, and lights a fire under BVV asses to try and remedy the issue.

Remember word of mouth is key. Bad services can/will/does have an impact on a company.

Another reason why I always offer free assistance after getting a strain from me with any and all queations.


I’ve experienced a somewhat similar situation, I ordered a 12" - 6" hemispherical reducer, that was posted on their website, really nice vessel head with a bunch of ancillary ports, i pretty much designed the whole system around this head, two days later I get a call saying they no longer stock the item. Was really bummed out had to redesign everything around a different hemispherical reducer. Not a big deal, they removed the posting for this reducer after they called me.

That said, I still use BVV today, they are probably my favorite extraction supply store and besides this minor issue I’ve never had a problem with them. I still highly recommend them.

Bvv is leagues beyond XD in my opinion.


I just wish I actually was contacted by them. Told it might take a few days to get in stock. Told that I wasn’t going to be refunded and when my money would be in my account or if a check was being sent. Not be in the dark for 5 days and for 3 hours while on live chat. I’ve had no problem with their actual products. They all work great! But having everything that happened without an email or a response from live support makes me a little angry

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I think this is a very small problem compared to other company’s. Too be honest all these company’s customer service suck unless ur dropping 100 racks


Except for @Killa12345 his customer service is next level


Never used him but everyone seems to push him. The store he just opened online has super limited items so it’s hard for me to switch over when I can make a single order from another company for everything I need. But I’ll def be hitting him up for media soon @Killa12345

Agreed :100:

Im pretty sure he can order just about anything you want him to, within reason… @Killa12345 ?

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Hey RockSteady.

What can we do at XD to improve your experience? Would love to hear your opinion so we can improve. We are going to be improving our online side considerably this Q1 and offering ASME parts at non-ASME prices as well out of our own ASME factory overseas to provide more peace of mind for our customers. We will also be offering glassware at manufacturer prices in Q1 as well!

BVV has been around twice as long as us so we have some areas to catch up on!

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Get more ghetto purging devices like bvv lol jk


I was just reading on their about us page that they got into the vacuum chambers because of transmission drain tools. What an interesting segway into the cannabis industry lol


That heady aluminum chamber brings me back to 2012


Honestly I feel like XD is a 1000% better then bvv ,if I need something pushed out ASAP and be at my door tomorrow, @Killa12345 is my first go then XD, XD has much better customer service. I’m also salty because I just dropped 5k on an order Tuesday and they still haven’t shipped it :frowning:


We haven’t shipped your order yet?!

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Hey dude take no offense! It was a big order lots of small pieces I’ve got patience, I think that you guys just need to hire more people or get more efficient turn around time on orders is prettt slow :(, but BVV does win at something, prices on steel parts, and you’re massive selection

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What’s your order #? If there’s any delays, my team usually notifies the client the reason so I want to make sure they’re communicating with you!

And i completely understand that. I try to only stock stuff where i can have a competitive advantage on my competition and still make a margin. Some parts there really isnt a large margin or very high risk of damage in shipping so rather take unnecessary losses. I just point you to the competitor which i know has the cheapest price because im always doing pricing research.

Thanks. I wish i had these staffs like @ChangMinXD at xtractor depot or BVV! Im just trying to save some people money and the words gotten out.

I need more staff for sure. Its hard to process the amount of orders i have coming in and still have same day shipping on all orders before 12pm est. When your selling god know how many extractors, crc kits, and other steel shit. Then you add 4 metric tons of absorbents like last month… Plus we are breaking all those powders down ourselves…bagging, sealing, and labeling LOL

i can use more than one part time worker that works 16 hours a week. LOL :rofl::joy: