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Hello and thank you for reading my post.


This makes me wanna be nicer to my employees, to many ppl abusing power…some dont even realize or think about how far it reaches

Good luck bro :facepunch:t3:


thanks man


You know your skills are marketable. Don’t put up with the abuse of another mans ego.

My self respect is worth more than dollars. I know this, have made this point in the work place, and my employer understands this. We’re cool now lol

Find a new job…your wildest dreams may be waiting around the corner if your motivated enough. Good luck to you sir!


thank you, much love!


Oh boy, I remember being in a very similar situation. Hope you find something good. Are you open to relocating?


Don’t accept this.

You got two years experience.

Find a new job now.


I feel you, Ive been attached to 3 projects over the span of 10+ years that have resulted in the same treatment to myself and my peers, making it difficult to have a personal life. No time for kids, no time for wife, hell I remember not being able to get to the bank to cash my paycheck & pay bills on time because the boss would free range and then leave me with all the staff and work with no time to organize my own affairs.

The truth is you have to be willing to roll the dice with your employer and stand your ground in a firm but friendly way. If his company is profiting from your work then you have value to him. It does not mean he will respect you. In many cases your boss will know you have no plans to leave and will remember your pledge to be loyal to the company & make it grow.

Sometimes letting your boss know that you got an offer from another company will make them take notice and display how they do or do not value your contributions to the team. Whatever the outcome it helps you know where you stand.

For what its worth, I had an amazing job with an amazing team and good pay that I left for the same reasons and today I am VERY happy I left. Why did I wait so long!



Yeah man you need to quit with no notice. Force this D bag to deal with the consequences of being a POS! Save like crazy over the next month or so while you line up a few interviews then one day just don’t show up. When he calls you to bitch at you say something like “Oh you want me to work for you? Based on how you’ve treated me I thought you didn’t want me around so I got a job where I am valued and treated with respect” then hang up put a smile on your face and go get what you deserve!!

If you are in northern CA and the timelines workout and I am hiring I’ll move you to the top of the interview list!


Now that is the truth right there! When you think everything is going bad and what you thought was everything you had is taken away is when the real opportunities arise . You just have to stay motivated exactly what xersist said. Just happened to me couple months ago and couldn’t have asked for anything better!!


Quit with two weeks notice and simply leave it at personal reasons. Avoid airing your laundry to your old boss and keep that stuff to a minimum with the new one. Don’t leave them in a bind and try to give them the best quality of effort up until your last day.

Above all else do not burn your bridges. You have been treated poorly but should refrain from any negative comments or actions. Your experience will carry you so long as you are positive and work hard.


This type of situation is exactly why cannabis workers need to organize and collectively refuse to sign “non-compete” forms. I realize those forms are difficult to enforce, but fear of lawsuit and desire to continue to be in the industry keep a lot of people in jobs where they don’t get the pay or treatment they deserve.


So good to be reminded that I am not the only one. “firm but friendly” I like the sound of that. I am feeling much better about the whole situation today.

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your experience it has been very insightful!! I’m very open to relocated for the right opportunity. Ideally looking to collaborate with partners to start something of my own. I guess I’m in the right place to find people to collab with.

Do you have to be an ass to be the boss? Like I’ve gone against my moral compass for this asshole. lol


That’s is a great idea!! Where do I sign up.


Yea I don’t plan to, not my style. He’s way too valuable to burn a bridge with.


I’d be down to move to Cali. Just let me know when.


Morals have killed me at moments as well. You’re not alone.


I get very similar treatment at my workplace. I never get an answered call, or response when the owner/GM isn’t “on the clock”. And get beraided to do tasks that are outside of my job description. Yelled at for not meeting production requirements for material to be that needs to be ran, that doesn’t exist (they want me to do more runs a day, when they don’t have enough material to make that happen). Make complaints on my “Friday” that the ovens aren’t full of slabs, even though it’s my “Friday” and almost all of them are out of the oven by this time. I’ve won awards for my work and they still don’t believe me when I want to make upgrades to my equipment to make it run more efficiently and make my life easier, they think I don’t know what I’m talking about, then try to use high school chemistry and a boiling water explanation to tell me how hydrocarbons boil in a closed loop system. Trust me, man, we all feel your pain.

You already know your worth, don’t give anyone a discount.


this gave me goose bumps!! lets get it!!


Man yall make me feel fortunate to be doing my own small operation… i think i would have issues with a disrepectful boss these days… to jaded…