Butt hurt



Especially where were at, nm lacks morals and a proper appreciation for the cannabis patient here.


I don’t speak openly about what it. I may even delete my comment about it because of how many people look at this site.


Well if your boss is a dick you might not want him figuring this out


I wouldn’t go as far that to say he’s smart enough to come here and spy on me. I talk badly about them enough that they would have said something or done something, for sure. Just don’t want someone else to, before my next step is built.


Yea I don’t blame you man. Dont make me paranoid though. lol.


No sativas. Haha. Unless you have had the conversation with him about this site and have confirmed he checks it, I wouldn’t worry.


I hear you about the NM cannabis industry. Between the whole Darren White hypocrisy (some would say corruption) on the medical side and some of the completely morally bankrupt CBD retailers on the hemp side, the local industry needs some serious house cleaning. I would argue public shaming. (Not of the whole industry, just the unscrupulous actors).


I’ve had talks with my BA about this very thing. Calhoun county is supposed to be HUGE in the cannabiz with the national research center going iup in Marshall. I think we should develop trade standards and an apprenticeship program.