butane wont come out of tank what am i doing wrong?

i put about 20 lbs into my tank and it is just sitting there it wont come out so i thought maybe if i put it in a freeze it would come out … no luck

last week i was running some neon and it came out super fast i know neon is shit this week im running whip it and its just like stuck in the tank

any suggestions

my column is non dewax so i dont keep ice on it and my tank is freezing cold

what am i doing wrong

thanks in advance !

i can only get about 3 lbs to come out and it take 4 mins

usually i can finish my run in 2 mins

is it possible that the valve in the tank is only getting turned half way thats like the only logical thing i can think of because i did this same routine last week with zero problems same conditions and the tane was flowing out today the tane is takeing forever is it possible this tank is going out on me or is it my tech

Let’s see some pictures, you say your tank is freezing cold do you mean your collection pot or your solvent tank?


solvent tank i saw this video on youtube of a guy bleeding his valve is this normal in solvent tanks this is my solvent tank

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I mean pictures of your set up, it’s possible your solvent is too cold and won’t move. Is your collection pot also on ice? Your butane will chase the cold temperatures and collect there keep that in mind


so since my column is warm and my tank has ice stuck to it my butane is stuck in my column so i should have never got this butane frozen in the first place is what you are saying ?

You have it backwards…cold to colder…

Pack ur collection in DI

Don’t over cool ur solvent tank you create negative pressure it won’t move


butane is stuck in my solvent tank ****^^^

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i think you should post some pics before you hurt yourself bro. we are here to help.

This way we can see the whole picture…a picture is worth 1000 words


At what temperature does butane become a liquid?

If it is a liquid, how much pressure do you expect in your tank?

If there is no pressure differential, why would you expect anything to happen?

Gauges? Vacuum pump?

@Einstein you’re not


this made th most since ahhh ok


If tank in DI pull it out for lil bit too build pressure… You should pulled vac on ur system prior to running to…

But solvent to cold will not move

Like @Killa12345 suggested, take pics…bc they do many different set ups, you don’t wanna get hurt


What comapny made that? The lid on that collection pot, it looks like a stockpot with a peice of sheetmetal welded on.
This is a closed loop extractor… at least it has the right clams…


that collection part is not part of the system its my collection pot the rest of the system is all from oss

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hes open blasting and that is a stock pot you see.


Well, your solvent tank has a dip tube so I’m not sure why you have it turned upside down and elevated, if your running that way are you hooked up to the vapor port? Because the liquid port is no longer in liquid if the tank is upside down…


or suspended above! on further inspection no lid!
That look crazy dangerous, I bet it is too!


2008 type shit hahah its vac it pro from my hay days who remembers these days???

I would have to agree with @that445guy and say if your gas isnt moving like that your tank has a dip tube and you need to flip your tank…

Otherwise im clueless. Looks a bit dangerous when it seems like you have all the pieces to make a really nice setup.

Never seen the plastic thing above and i thought ive seen it all