Butane membrane? Anyone seen this?


Hadn’t seen this posted. Guy is claiming butane membrane filtration. Looks neat.


We’re testing some hydrocarbon membranes right now

Tomorrow I’ll know about compatibility

So far this thing hasn’t shown any sign of degradation in hexane


The dudes all happy he got a badder like seperation. Am I missing something? Does this filter the fats off?

Why aren’t you having me test em. I’ll put em through a stress test


You’re a qualified voice on this. What kind of separation are we seeing in what I linked? Curious what the permeate and retentate streams consist of here.

Kinda seems like a high terpene, low cannabinoid soup.


I would LOVE to talk to you about this next week. Shoot me a DM since I can’t?


Been waiting for a butane membrane and have made multiple offers to several producers to freely test it out in one of several legal facilties. Everyone claims hydrocarbon but no one has given me any reason to trust in their current setups for butane/propane desolvation.

Maybe they are hesistant to test out and about because knowing which filter to use thats produced by another manufacturer would likely run all their work to the ground. Not that i dont think they deserve mad profits for the trial and error/ r&d of the mass selections of membranes, Testing costs …


Because I need to test them to see if there compatible first with hexane since I’ll be using these on large scale hexane extraction

My closed loop is getting reassembled after bizzcon and I’ll test a new set on butane and propane

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It’s hard to say without knowing what membranes he’s using

Hes definetly using a color remediation membrane which will reject cannabinoids to some degree while letting terpenes through easy

This is what ethos talks about when they say " you can’t get everything through the membrane"

Dude needs to be flushing with clean solvent to push all the cannabinoids through the membrane

This process is called Diafitration

You add clean solvent at the rate the solvent and cannabinoids permeate the membrane so your concentration stays the same

I’m building a c1d1 closed loop around this technology that will incorporate Diafitration for color remediation, I really think you can remove crc to some extent with this technology


The problem with letting outside people do testing is most don’t understand how to run a membrane system

I mean shit some of my competitors are testing there membranes on clean water and claiming they permeate the same amount on ethanol, like wtf? You know membranes run tighter on ethanol then water and you’re going to make claims without even testing crude or clean solvent? How do you know no terpenes got through?

Shit like this is why we’re trying to educate the industry correctly, nano filtration isn’t as simple as heating + cooling = evaporation

Concentration levels, temp, pressure, flow all come into play


Stoked to see this @Kingofthekush420

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Keep an eye on my IG today, were assembling the 4" skid were bringing to bizzcon


Can you operate that system around so many people? What’s insurance like? You operate high psi no?
Just curious. Other than that I’m excited to see this. Thanks kotk

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The big skid won’t be operating only the bench top unit will

I’ll have the bench top with me, im also planning on bringing it to the glg even and it’ll be on display running at Lab society’s booth

We will be running at 1000 psi doing color remediation and solvent recovery

All my units are c1d1 peer reviewed by PSI, you can get your lab insured with my unit in there (you need a peer review for instance to do this)

We’ve also built units for gmp neutraceutical facilities so gmp isn’t an issue with our design


Okay cool. Was just wondering. Yeah, looking forward to seeing it.

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Who’s testing on clean water?

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Funny story

So yesterday I get an email from Sambo Creek that theyve figured out a membrane that triples recovery speeds

So of course I had to investigate because thats a wild fucking claim

I emailed sambo and asked if they had confirmation that the membrane didnt bleed terpenes and they never replied

the reason i ask this is because x sprial sent a terpene membrane to one of there customers and tried to tell them it would double solvent recovery, that customer HMU and told me what membrane it was and i told him it would bleed terpenes which Magister never even mentioned to him lol

a few hours later i look on Magisters IG and this dude is running a new membrane on water claiming he can hit 30 GPH on a 2540 with ethanol…

Me and my partner literally broke down laughing when we saw this

Whats even funnier is sambo released that email hours before the video was even posted

So basically sambo is claiming they have a new membrane that triples output that hasnt even been tested on ethanol that theyre dropping at bizzcon XD

idk its gotta be me, why the fuck would you test a membrane on water that youre planning on using for ethanol? atleast use clean fucking ethanol… Magister knows ethanol causes the membrane to swell more since its a bigger molecule which will lower flow rate… why would you make such wild claims based off water?

IDK im getting really sick of ppl making claims based of bad science

You dont run WATER to test permeation on a membrane youre going to use for ethanol with cannanoids in it. water is clean compared to crude…

Since when is running water threw a membrane “extensive and continuous R&D”



I’m not trying to start an argument but I did not read that post as using water to test a membrane.

I read it as: ethanol recovery that is permeating ethanol that is as clear as water.

Why don’t you tag @MagisterChemist in your accusations and ask for clarification instead of assuming since he used the word water.

It’s almost like the term water clear could be referring to the clarity. Also why would he test with water and claim water clear clarity? Isn’t water already water clear before running through a membrane?

I just watched the Instagram video again…. It’s clearly feeding from a dark solution and permeating a clear solution into another tank.

@Kingofthekush420 i think it safe to say that’s probably not a bunch of cannabinoids dissolved in water….


Lol, at it again.


Why would you even test a membrane on such clean solvent?

Do you really think permeating something so clean will give you good accurate flow rates?

He hasn’t even tested the membrane on crude and he’s claiming it’ll do 30 gph, the proof of that is in the email sambo sent

That’s my problem

Synder 2540s will do 40 gph clean ro water, they do about 1/4 of that running ethanol with crude in it

Buyers beware