Needed a part for a Buchi rotovap that I am re-purposing into a rotary dryer/decarb reactor.
Somebody suggested I contact Xtractek.
I did.
Sounded solid.
Now I’m out $40 and he won’t reply to messages.
Fooled again?

I have seen them post a bunch on here. Would be wild if they burned you for 40 bucks


What size/ model is the rotovap? I will shoot you a link for the replacement part and you can purchase it from there.

Edit: I did a quick search and found you have a buchi re-111 call these guys on Monday and they should get you squared up.

buchi parts dep:

Tel: 1 877 692 8244



Fucking beats me…?
Makes no sense, maybe Charles got Corona and is quarantined without internet access…
Hoping this gets made right.

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Much obliged.
As soon as I get a condenser nut I can try this thing out.


That’s a masterpiece


Please send pics once complete



Too cool😎

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@DaKine; I’m in Eugene and hit @Xtractek up for equipment or parts at least every other week.

He has always been very responsive, and more than happy to swap out or repair any equipment that didn’t perform as expected.

My expectation is you’ll hear from him soon.

Agree that 20days is problematic… 2days is not unreasonable given how OR started locking down about then.


Cool rig!!!

It’s crazy how we are even discuss someone being quarantined… and not able to access the internet… crazy fucking times.

I wish I was back in OR; I’m in MI; I’d rather get locked down in my tiny little town then in detroit of all places.

I dont think the dude burned you; have you checked his profile on here? When was he last seen?

Edit: 6 hours ago…


I must agree with @cyclopath here. Charles Weller @Xtractek is an excellent source for repairs and replacement parts. He has always been reliable and prompt with my requests. There must be a logical explanation behind this delay. I hope you are able to resolve your needs swiftly and that he is ok.

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I know @Xtractek was on here yesterday and should have picked up my messages to him.
Still no response.
Trying other means to contact the guy.


Good luck @DaKine I hope u get the part for you’re beaut

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Not sure about this deal, no email response and disconnected phone at Xtractek.
But it turns out the Chinese copied the Swiss faithfully and the ones sold for the BVV 2L roto have the same thread…
I’ll let folks know how this deal turned out but, meanwhile, the R&D goes on…


He will get it out to you, he got sick for a while. I bought a rotovap off him three weeks ago and it got here last week. Hes a real person and wouldn’t burn you over 40 bucks.


I got an email from Charles and it is now all good.
He has a story to tell and I have a nut.
I’m happy this deal turned out cause I think this is a great board with straight up folks.
Rock on 4200!


What made you choose this custom setup versus a glass flask with a Duran flange? Looks curious


I am so glad this had a happy ending for everyone!


I thought the glass approach would be heavy and fragile at this 6 liter scale.
The 24/40 joint on small rotovaps would be pretty stressed by a 6 l resin pot with clamps.
Trying to put lifter vanes on the inside of a resin pot would require custom glasswork or something.
The data I get from this would be more useful in scale up than from a glass unit.
Stainless has much better heat transfer properties and I’m trying to heat things up and cool them down quickly. The glass would hold a lot more heat then 18ga stainless.
And, being an engineer, I’m pretty clumsy around glass. Real chemists won’t let me near their bench.
Fortunately, our products help us think through something like this.