Bulk Winterization

easiest way to winterize 8L roto dumps of waxy crude that isnt dissolving 350ml at a time in 3500ml alcohol on a hot plate?

How much money do you want to throw at the problem? From this post it looks like you want to increase the time this is taking to something a little more reasonable. Please provide more detail as to your desired parameters.

currently have 3 hot plates, one is generally mixing products, one is almost always on decarb duty, and leaves one free most of the time- was wondering if there are easy ways to lets say dissolve the lot at once. doubt they make 5 gallon beakers for a hot plate lol

One option is a reactor. They come in many sizes, makes and models and do other handy things besides just decarb.

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that would be a bit overkill for my purpose, just looking for cheap efficicent ways to blend 20L at a time or so, 100L at once would be great by 4L is just too time consuming. Is there a way to sous vide alcohol solutions? or are they rated for water only

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Chances are you won’t find a sous vide that is rated for use with flammable solvents. For that matter, your rotos probably aren’t either…not that it stops anyone, myself included.

With that said, easiest solution IMO is to leave the waxy crude in the roto, suck a known amount of alcohol into the roto globe, reduce vacuum, increase temp on the chiller or shut chiller off entirely and use the roto to mix your alcohol/crude mix at a given temp. Use a slurp tank (I built one out of a conical fermenter from SS brewtech) to remove that mixture from the roto, dump into bucket, put bucket in cryo freezer and filter when it’s reached your standard for temp/time in the freezer.

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Dude, why “blend” anything? Are you using ethanol to extract in the first place? If you have a pretty good idea of what your extraction efficiency is(I.e. how much crude is in the tincture) just roto it down to the volume to match what you would simply add back moments later. Freeze, filter, THEN roto like a mofo.


Does my suggestion seem like it could solve this problem?

i do like that idea, but getting the 20L of fluid out the roto would be an issue. i wouldnt feel comfortable taking off the flask risk of cracking neck. Yesterday i did my normal dump, heated the dumo to 70C on a hot plate and dumped 2L into 18L alcohol and manually stirred every 5 mins for 30 mins, after that put it in the freezer. seemed to do the job having much better results today

You pull a vac on your "slurp "tank?

Yeah, the vacuum port is not valved but the inlet and outlet ports both are. Draw vacuum on tank, stick inlet hose into roto globe, open inlet valve and it fills up. When I need to empty, stick bucket under outlet valve, relieve vacuum and open outlet valve to drain.


Yes, I wrote my response on the assumption that OP had already removed the crude from his roto. However, they would have to limit how much crude they let build up though, if their roto has a 20L flask they would only be able to let ~1.8L of crude build up before adding alcohol to get to 20L in order to maintain a 10:1 ratio of ethanol to crude

This is a similar concept, except they don’t really elaborate on the removal of the residue. That fermenter is a strong one to survive being evacuated. :muscle:
Most stuff I see implodes

Picture courtasy of google images, imagine explaining that to the boss!


did that to a 5gal still. twice.
just wasn’t up for any sort of vac assist :wink:
pretty sure it still works.
having a minion with auto-body shop experience was helpful…

Lol! I have one of those!

This is the unit I modified, added additional ports on the top for sight glasses and extended the legs to fit a 5 gallon bucket underneath. I haven’t put it under real hard vacuum as it’s not necessary to evacuate a roto globe but it has worked great so far.

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I forget which piece of used chilling came in the door in need of it (most of them I imagine), but the radiator combs he produced seemed like magic the first time I saw their work.

His preferred title was Sorcerers Aprentice :slight_smile:

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you just need an adjustable leak…

I’m running one of these on my 26gal jacketed fermenter so I can fill it using vac and not have to worry about collapsing it.


I’ve also got one of the tri-clamp ones Glacier sells, but it’s not adjustable.


I use induction cookers and stock pots , ad crude and alcohol heat dissolves it let cool for a few then a quick room temp rough cut filtration and right into the freezers. I easily dissolve 4l every hr or less and then decarb in the roto after winterizing and straight into spd or wiped film

know any good ones that could hold the weight of lets say 20L solution? 18L alcohol to 2L crude?